Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Peach crumble and Brioche'

Made some of my glazed pistachio bread for market.  These are so yummo!! Peach praline bread mini loaves and also muffins.  Peach and Red Raspberry are my favorite fruits!! Gosh maybe I should make a red raspberry loaf with maybe a streusel crumb topping??  OH YEAH!!

These are my newest creation!!  Peach crumble cobbler.   I used frozen peaches from last season, laid them in the bottoms of the pans, mixed brown sugar, cinnamon, a bit of flour and topped the peaches, then the cobbler topping, flour, baking powder, a bit of sugar, salt and some butter!! mixed til cource crumbs and topped the peaches with some of this.  Melted butter got poured on top and a bit of the peach juice I strained from peaches earlier.  HERE'S a couple of the finished ones!! and oh my goodness did the kitchen smell yummy!! love those peaches!!  I did bring home a small one for hubby and I to try tonight! but since he is working a bit later than normal he may NOT get any!! LOL
Vanilla ice cream and oh there's supper!!
AND I also made a batch of brioche dough to make into something tomorrow.  Maybe cinnamon rolls? or pecan sticky buns? who knows we will see tomorrow!!
I hope yall had a great wed!! and a super evening!!

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