Sunday, February 7, 2010


Here was another of my newest creations!!   An espresso cream filled sandwich cookie!!  There is espresso powder in the cookies and in the filling! so you have your coffee and more coffee in this cookie BUTTTTT  it really isnt coffee overpowering either, which is strange but I handed a few out as samples at the market to get opinions and even people who dont care for a good ol cup of joe! liked them.   GOOD!! cause as for me!! I LOVE THEM!! and I love my coffee!


As you can see I didnt leave them exempt from my "famrgirl bling" just had to they were way too plain!! LOL so drizzeled some melted choc bark over them for their bling~!

Well we have to haul some wood home today, need to bring a load of hay home, finish somewhat cleaning in the house and try to work on a few more things for the shop for  valentines day.  I am probably gonna toss a roast or some ribs in the crock pot this am and then we have supper figured out easily enough.   It is cold too 10 degrees and it feels every bit of that outside too.  Almost chore time for me so I gotta get all bundeled up and head outside soon, have yall noticed it is stayin a bit lighter outside in the evening?? YEAH!! YIPPEE~~last night I came in from chores and closing down my farmstand and it was just dark maybe around 7pm or so.  Seasons just move steadily along.  Usually round the end of feb early march I am so so sooooooo SOOOOOOOOOO ready to get the greenhouse goin and get in the dirt but will try to refrain since MI is known to have snow in march and april and even in may.  I do hope for an early spring though even though winter hasnt been all that terrible!!!
Oh and the OWOH drawing will be soon!! GOOD luck to everyone it has sure been fun and inspiring to visit everyone along the carpet ride!!  I just cant believe how many blogs are out there sharing the passion for creativity~~THANK YOU EVERYONE for leaving such warm and friendly comments too!!
Have a Blessed Sunday yall!!

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Prpldy said...

ooooh! I love coffee and those look so good. And I have a sweet tooth too! Can i have the recipe? Please? :-)