Friday, February 5, 2010


Some of the decorated sugar cookie pops I made for markets. Today was Bronson Hospital market and yesterday was Allegan market and I also have to make some orders this weekend for pick up tues at the shop!! WHEW!! it has been a market madness week!! WHICH is a GOOD thing I might add!! Market today was my best one since attending that winter market!!  BUSY all day long and everyone  was so incredibly nice and friendly!! and they bought.  Usually I have about 3 trips with my cart back and forth  but today I made 4 trips in and one trip out!! Yepper 1 numero uno, ONE, 1 trip!! YEAH!! that was so nice and fun!! The homemade spinach pasta was a hit!~! next time I am gonna do tomato basil I think that just sounds way too good and I have some of our basil in the freezer just waitin to be used up!   
The pies were a great hit I did up peach, and apple crisp pie, also I made up some peach blueberry kucken!! and that was a great seller!!  my peanut peanut butter cream filled whoppie pies and cranberry pecan lemon cream filled cookies were the first to go.  Chicken scratch eggcellent egg bread was a hit, the farmhouse white loaves went good, I also took some of the espresso sandwich cookies and my new orange cream filled vanilla cookies and they were all gone by the time I was packing up.  Zucchini walnut bread, muffins and my lemon pecan bread was almost all gone I came home with just a couple of things so at least we will enjoy that stuff over the weekend!!
I gazed thru an old old cookbook of my dear grandma Rose's the other night and really have to try out some of the old recipes.  but it brought back so many many memories.  As a kid  I remember spending alot of my summers at their home and she would bake everything and anything!! she used to make homemade donuts from scratch of cource, and have the whole dining room table covered with thin streudel dough.    I would go with grandpa Frank to the dairy farm down the road a bit to get fresh milk and cream and of cource pet the heifers while they were in the barn.  Then from there we would go to the ol butcher shop, I used to and still love the smell of a butcher shop!! We would  pick up meats and the ol man there would always give me a piece of candy or grandpa made sure he bought me something from the old candy jars!!   it really wasnt that long ago either.  In the late 70's.  But that sure is a whole lifetime ago!!
All in all I am tired now and would love a couple of days to do nothing but with valentines day coming quickly we have to get the shop ready this weekend.   Maybe the 15th I will just stay at home and spend the day relaxing with my boys!!  Well I am off to see bout makin some supper for hubby as he is on his way home from work and I am definetly in my pjs now!!  That is one thing I enjoy doin after chores are done at night!! showerin and pjs on!! what a cozy feeling!!



mybabyjohn said...

Memories of Grandmothers....I love it. Did your Gram make pastry the way mine did? On the counter, no measuring cups or spoons, no bowls. Just Grams hands, the flat surface and the best pastry in the world. I have some of her recipe books too. The instructions are wild; flour, enough for the purpose, a pinch of salt, some of this, a little of that. Happy cooking!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Those cookies sure are pretty but CUTEST of all is the pic of your boys!!! Tee hee what clowns!!!