Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Trialing tues....

Hey yall!!   Trialing new recipes,   This am was about testing a new scone recipe.  I added some shredded cheddar and colby cheese to these.  I always have troubles when cutting my scones evenly and I really like the look of the traditional triangular shape.  Round ones just dont do it for me.  SOOOOOOOOOO I tried something new, I patted my dough into a shallow 9 in round coated pan.  Then tipped it out onto a sheet and VOILA!! oh how exciting this was!! LOL perfectly round!! used my pizza cutter wheel and these are great!!
As u can see nice uniform triangles and easy peasy to do!!

Each one got brushed with more heavy cream and topped with a sprinkling of sea salt.  Cant wait for them to come out of oven they smell really great! 
and look great too!!

I am also trialing some cookie recipes I found one is for a similar to the girl scout samoa cookie (btw is one of my altime favo cookie but havin them in the house is dangerous to me!! i will be way too tempted to devour them all) and also a different flavor of my homemade carmels.  Espresso Carmel sounds so dang yummy so that is a must try!!
So as soon as I finish this stuff  I am gonna work in my studio making some mothers day cards.  Oh here is a quick birthday card I made at 4am to go out with a birthday order I got.
I like to include a little card for the recipeint to get with their order.
Ok so have a blessed tuesday and I will be back with more pics tomorrow!!

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