Thursday, February 25, 2010

Made carmels

I made some of my carmels this am and this time I added some marchino cherry syrup we bought in Traverse City last summer.  Hubby like it on his waffles aso I thought it would be fun to experiment and add it to my vanilla carmels.  Not too bad either.  I am gonna make a batch of espresso carmels tomorrow.
I found these 7 in round pans with a clear plastic dome lid and they work just perfect for market people and just a right size where it is not too much and enough for a few.
I like the custardy filling in these especially when blinged up with some whipped cream!!Peach Blueberry Kucken!! oh what a treat this cake was and it is really yummy!! I do a peach and blueberry pie combo in the summer and it is a favo at market so thought i would try it with this kucken recipe i found.  I never had it before and I can honestly say this will be a cake I make for my summer markets. I can see making cherry almond or maybe peach praline.  Gosh I am gettin hungry for some....... u guessed it a piece of CAKE!! LOL
Hubby came home the other night and said come look at something with me, so we drove down to the park just down the road a mile.  There was an ice berg near the shore that the waves had opened the middle of it and it really looked cool.  U can see in the pics u see right thru it.  Kind of cool!!  A close up of the hole in the ice berg
This was looking from the street at the ice bergs thru the trees.


Liz Revit said...

These pictures are making me hungry for some treats. They look luscious.

Leah Crowe said...

ahh I miss the cherry festivals in MI. Blogger is acting up, I can't see two of the photos off Lake Mi. Gorgeous pies tho.. yum!