Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Baking day~

Well I have a dear friend that is gonna help me bake today, with both markets this week and for some reason I have somewhere to be each day this week but today I figured a bit of help would be much needed!!!  Right now I have about 6 orders to get out so those will be priority on the list of baking which is lemon poppyseed muffins, peanut peanut butter whoppie pies, cheese scones, (made in freezer just have to bake off) cranberry pecan sandwich cookies, espresso sandwich cookies and I really really want to make a new sandwich cookie today too!!! a bit of a hint on a new one >>>> chocolate cream!! 
I did work on a baby book this am that also has to be shipped out asap so that should get finished up tonight.  Oh and did a couple of new layouts of my niece Carissa.  I seen this pic and just HAD to do something with it!~~ LOL  so Rosey Cheeks is the title of this lo. 

I love doing layered paper flowers and there are plenty on this page.  A paper doily is cut and added underneath the photo, some brown and pink polka dots flourishes, (love those flourishes!!) and a bit of ribbon accents.  The letter were cut from polka dotted paper using my accucut!! finally gettin some time to play with the letter fonts I got awhile ago.  And then just used a couple of different sized punches for the flowers along with some painted chipboard cut outs.
Well that is about it to share today sorry but I really gotta get myself ready to head over to the kitchen since it is already after 7am!!   So with that I wish yall a happy happy sunshine filled first of March!!! 

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