Saturday, March 20, 2010

***Snowy Weekend**

HEY EVERYONE~~I tried a new cake recipe and it actually was good and went great at markets this week.  A super moist butter walnut cake roll that was filled with a cream cheese filling and then I added a layer of some of my homemade jams.  The walnut cakes had my strawberry apricot jam and then I made a lemon cake roll with cream cheese filling and added my red raspberry jam.  I had to keep a couple of slices for quality assurance!! and they were good!!
These logs are the cakes cooling.

A finished roll sliced.  I do have to mabye adjust this recipe a bit as the cake was really too moist.
these cookie are my loaded oatmeal NO FLOUR cookies, they had chopped walnuts, peanut butter, organic oats, choc chunks and for fun some pastel m & m candies!! perfect for spring!! which by the way this being the official first day of spring and to NO surprise to us michiganders IT IS SNOWING!! the trees are so danged pretty all white but it is suppossed to get up in the 40s tomorrow and it will be gone quick!!
These are a new coffee cake.  I dug thru some of my grandmothers old cookbooks that I have and found Aunt Lil's struesel filled coffee cake recipe.  This is a really moist and buttery cake, filled with chopped walnuts and brown sugar and cinnamon.  YOU all know I had to add my "farmgirl bling" to them.  A cinnamon glaze tops them off.   I will be anxious to hear the responses from market as they all sold yesterday.  Love trying out new recipes, making up new recipes and then doing the tried and true old recipes from our grandparents.
I am off to maybe work on some new scrappy things and finish up a couple of challenge pieces I am working on.  Hope yall enjoy your day!!!  HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND~!~

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