Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunshiney Sunday

Oh what a beautiful day outside here in MI!!  It is actually 42.4 outside and sunshiney!!  WOO HOO!! bout time for this.   So today I have done some farm chores like cleaning out the chicken's egg layin crates, cleaned up a bit of branches that were laying round the yard, keep in mind there is still alot ! of snow out there so not too much grass showin yet.  ~~LIVE LIFE JOYFULLY~~and SIMPLY~~
Last sunday we went out to hubby's grandparents house for a visit.  It was nice to just sit and chit chat.  Look at their little girl "precious" she is such a cutie pie and full of princessness for sure!! not one bit spoiled!! LOL right!!  I love visiting and hearing the stories grandparents are notorious for telling us.  When we are kids you really dont seem to pay that close attention I think but now the stories have lots of meaning to them.  You never get that time back ya know. 
I spent most of this afternoon painting a sign for a dear friend of mine Dave from Young Earth Farm in Decatur MI, he is a character.  He raises happy very well taken care of meat animals with NO chemicals or hormones.  So he wanted a sign that he can have standing at markets with a cow, pig and chicken on it.   As soon as it is done I will share it with yall it really looks cute. 
I hope yall are enjoyin your day as much as I am!!
Talk more soon!!

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Liz Revit said...

We also enjoyed a warm, sunny day in Pennsylvania today. You know spring is around the corner.