Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Cookies

Cookie of the week has started!! LOL  My goal this year for markets is to bring one new cookie creation each week for COOKIE OF THE WEEK!!  Since I sell so many cookies i thought this would be a fun challenge for me.  So this is the first week! I came up with a recipe for a similar cookie to the girlscouts Samoa.   A shortbread base is what I chose to have and cut them with a fluted round biscuit cutter.
  I then made a batch of homemade carmel sauce, added  some toasted coconut and topped each cooled shortbread cookie with this mixture.  It was super sticky and messy too!!

So after the carmel set a bit I melted some milk chocolate disks and drizzeled each little top with chocolate.
So here is the finished cookie!!

The are pretty close to the samoas but mine will be called  "chicken scratch carmel shortbread delights" I think.

Not much time today for scrappin and this week I have 3 markets so need to reallly get product made. Dangit!  Oh well baking comes first right now, maybe if I get up at 3 instead of 5 I will get my quiet scrappy time.  Once the weather gets nicer I LOVE to be outside before the sun comes up and work in the gardens but I do have some time before that all starts.
I hope yall are havin a blessed Sunday.  I am off to spend the rest of this day with my wonderful hubby and the "boys".  WE are gonna take them for a ride to get some ice cream later.




Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Gosh, I am gone for a few weeks and when I come back, you are making even MORE and BETTER goodies than ever!!! And the boys are just gettin' cuter and cuter, and evidently, SPOILED STINKIN ROTTEN!!! lol. Ice cream! How fun!!! Do you hold the cone for them or do they get it in the little bowls? Our lab will eat a cone in ONE BITE. But the mutt licks hers like a good girl!

jacque4u2c said...

Oh my goodness!!! I have drool running down my face!!! These look so yummy!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!! How something so plain can turn out so amazing!!! You are so talented!!!