Monday, March 1, 2010

New cookies

I have had lots of requests for healty things to offer at markets so my friend brought with one of her recipes and it  made some awesome soft n chewy whole grain oatmeal raisin cookies.   I plumped up the golden raisins, believe me when u do this reserve the water you simmer the raisins it!! IT is delicious!!! I never knew this tip!!  So used some of that in the mix instead of the milk that was called for. 
I also added some wheat germ, a tiny bit of organic corn meal, which actually has a nice little crunch, raw chopped walnuts and rolled and quick oats in these.  Actually they are really good too!! I was gonna top them with a bit of my "farmgirl bling" but really it is not necessary.
Baked only for 11 min they are nice and golden with a bit of crunch edge but really overall I really like the texture of them! and nice taste too.
Made up some more espresso cookies that will be sandwiched with some yummy espresso cream filling.
And these atually turned out good, a new soft sugar cookie!!  I added some cardamom for flavor and it is very subtle and nice an soft too!! They didnt spread out much so we did smoosh em down a bit with a fork and criss cross pattern.  I forgot to take a pic of finished ones but will while i am at kitchen in the am..

So also made more of my peanut peanut butter cream filled whoopie pies and cranberry pecan lemon sandwich cookies but they are patiently waiting all tucked in a container for me to make the filling and sandwich them on wed.  That was about it today. 
Have a great evening yall!!


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Barbara said...

My goodness but you've been up to your elbows in the flour and baking!