Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cakes and Breds

Streusel topped apple cake
YUMMY!! and boy did the kitchen smell homey and sweet while these were baking!!
I will post the recipe for this tonight when I get back home for yall.   It is sure worth making!
Lemon poppyseed muffins with some of my "farmgirl bling".  A lemon flavored glaze get drizzeled ontop of these yummy muffins.  Gosh I think we are gonna have one with dinner tonight they look so good!  Made some banana nut bread, with and without nuts so I added some "bling" to the no nut loaves to tell the difference.     I did get some mixes made up for todays baking and also did up more scones and a batch of cookies that are in fridge waiting for me to roll them out.  That was about it yesterday so today is the main baking day to get everything done!!
Enjoy your wed yall!!
Tomorrow Dave (young earth farm)  and I will be bringing lots of goodies to Allegan for our csa drop!!! Stop on by the farm maket parking lot between 11am and 2 pm.  FRIDAY IS KALAMAZOO WINTER MARKET DAY AT BRONSON so hope to see yall there!!


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