Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Altered day

Well I found this great picture of my hubbys grandmother while diggin thru old photos looking for one to scrap on.  This one jumped out at me and yelled  "pick me"  LOL I love doing vintage items and this was perfect.
Long ago I bought a bunch of these plain wood signs for a dollar store wanting to make something well that didnt happen and until now. they have been layin in a drawer in my studio ever since.  I painted, sanded, antiqued the wood then used an old doilley she gave for the backround on it.  The pic is matted on a beautiful piece of some vintagey fabric looking paper, I love the black photo corners on this too.  Had them in a drawer also so I did use up some of my stash on this project.  I also made a bunch of coffee stained hang tags last year so used one of those, and the stamps I had and havent used in quite awhile but they are old typewriter key ones and fit this primitively perfect!  A couple of light pink millinary flowers and a tiny sprig of dried sweet annie oh and a pearly hat pin tied this all together!!
I am going to give it to her for mothers day.
Yesterday was all about baking and getting things ready for markets this week.  I made up a batch of my espresso cookies, my cranberry lemon pecan cookies, some of my apple oatmeal cookies, and worked on a new cookie of the week which I will post about tomorrow! And thanks to a great customer who had the idea of mking my caramel coconut delights even better I will be making those today.  Her idea was to use a dollop of chocolate ganache' on them then the caramel and coconut mixture.  I think that will be perfect!!   They are my version of the girl scout somoas.  I will post pics of those when I get home tonight.    I also made up my mixes for apple oat bread, triple berry muffins with a country crumb topping, and my peach cobblers.  Today will be a busy day so will talk to ya soon!! Have a blessed day!!


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