Monday, April 26, 2010

More monday projects

Ok here is another of my altered wood hearts.  This one has the word love down the side and is in the sagey green colors.  I am lovin these altered chipboard flowers!!! TOO CUTE!! they are so much fun to do.  And the layering really makes them pop off the project so nice.
Now for my own altered weekly order planner!! THIS is so so so SO ME!! I am lovin it and I can see this takin me awhile to complete.  I got the front done and one page inside!! I am a lover of all shades of pink and decided to lean towards them on this project with touches of sage and blue, and an occassional brown!!  In making this I used 2 pkgs of found already pretty file folders, cut them in 1/2 and then used my old labeler, u remember the kind, u turned the knob to the letter and then pressed the handle together, I was a kid when those things were popular.  AND we didnt have fancy pants keypad ones!! LOL anyway I also am proud of the "being green movement" and in doin this I used recycled items on this too!! The backround is a piece of cardboard that was in a photo frame, I cut a piece of it and painted it and aged it then added 2 bigger snaps on the end and tied some recycled pink bakers twine aournd them.  The flowers are made from the backs of notepads and painted, sanded, stamped and distressed.  Also the emphemera on here has been laying in a drawer for so long I thought it was time to put it to a good home.  So love the front!!  This is thurdays front all altered up.  I added my flower then some ephemera again laying in a drawer, the double heart charm was some we had left over from our weddin a few years ago, they were tied onto the flowers on tables at our  reception.  I love love LOVE flourishes so stamped a couple on here with my wonderful super great wet chalk stamp pad.  
That's all I got done early this am, I had to take my mom to the hospital for a outpatient procedure so we were there quite awhle, then had to pick up our first batch of babies!! YEAH we got little "girls" 7 auracauna chickies, 6 grey pymouth rocks, 5 barred rocks and AND 2 BRONZE TURKEYS!! couldnt find them anywhere so was so excited to get a couple!!  Hopefully they are a pair! and not 2 boys!!  I do have Moe who is a white palm turk so it would be nice to have a girlfriend for him too!!  They are peepin away out in the henhouse safe and sound in the brooder!!  TOO cute I will take some pics of them tomorrow.    I have to go to the kitchen in the am am work on some cookies for an order and make bagel dough! YEAH gonna try some apricot almond bagels this week and also some cherry almond maybe!!??? how good do they sound toasted and smothered in cream cheese!!
OH YEAH!!  LOL comin from the south we love everything "smothered and covered"  LOL too yummy!!
Well yall have a great evening and I will catch up with ya and new projects tomorrow!! 

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jacque4u2c said...

Just so lovely!!!! Great job!!! Love the feel of thee!