Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Joyous Easter Weekend!~

I had 2 markets this week and made some extra new things for at the shop.  First I made some bluebery buckle cakes filled with our farm's blueberries from last season.  The butter crumb topping is so rich and yummy!!  This was a good seller at market.

Next was something new for me BABKA!! oh my goodness this is gonna be a keeper for markets this summer!!  It is a jewish cake/bread, the ones I made were filled and topped with some brown sugar and walnut struesel.  They are a bit time consuming as the starter for this bread needs to sit overnight in the fridge but well worth all the work for sure!! my personal favo right now!!  I can see making some filled with fresh chopped apple chunks or even some pumpkin puree!!
Then there were some sponge cake rolls filled wtih vanilla buttercream and homemade strawberry jelly (my homemade of cource) topped with a bit of lemon flavored glaze and a touch of "farmgirl bling" powdered sugar.
And i had an order for a personal size carrot cake so instead of the traditional round that I make i did them in loaf pans and cut lenghtwise.  They have a cream cheese frosting filling and topping and I love the little carrot topper I made for them.  They all sold!! yeah
And the most joyous sat gift was some of my hyacinths in bloom!!! one of my favo colors too!! purple!!
and you walk by and what a lovely smell!!
I hope you and your families have a blessed easter weekend!!


mybabyjohn said...

Oh how I wish I lived in your area and could go to market and indulge in some of your wonderful baking.

Liz Revit said...

Everything looks delicious! Have a wonderful Easter.

Jen said...

My goodness, I am drooling over your baked goods, they look wonderful!!!! Love carrot cake and yours are so cute!