Friday, April 23, 2010

Cake day

This was the grissini dough from the other day, it made 6 pounds of dough and we ended up freezing quite a bit for another day.  The dough gets rolled then put thru the pasta maker then back thru the fettucini rollers to make nice long skiny bread sticks.  They are super yummy too we just sprinkeled some course salt over so they kind of remind me of a cracker.  These will be goin to market this coming week for a trial run.
BAGELS were  awesome!! gosh what a difference fresh makes!! WE of cource had to enjoy one with some cream cheese right out of the oven and oh boy what a treat that was!! so light and flavorful!!  so these will also be making their way to the markets coming up.
These are the nice and golden and super crispy breadsticks.  I did try a few with spinkled dried sweet basil but it really didnt stay on too well maybe I will run it thru the pasta maker that was it will surely stick!!
I got a phone call last night for a wedding cake for tomorrows pick up.  This is a three tiered cake with a request of blue flowers and alot of them.  The cake was marble and then was iced with vanilla buttercream and has a chantilly butter filling.   It needed a bit of pink and since sweet peas will be blooming soon I added some vines of them along with  the blue little drop flowers and yellow centers.  I like the way the flowers flow on down one side of the cake and round to the backside.  This is going to be a surprise for the bride she doesnt know someone else ordered her a cake.  I surey hope she likes it!!  It took me 6 hours from start to finish today.  But usually I have the frosting made ahead and didnt have time for that today.  I love decorating a cake just not so much making the cakes!! LOL  3 pounds of cut up butter to make the decorator frosting and then the buttercream. Last night I made another birthday card, wanted one to be a bit masculine and I just love the bronzy color backround.  Using one of my flourish stamps I stamped around the corner and then used one of my grubby coffee stained tags for the Happy Birthday stamp.  The flower is chipboard that has been painted, stamped, distressed and antiqued.    I used my JUST RITE mini word stamps for on the leaves and the center of the flower says Dream with the twine from the hang tag as a bow.And this little sign is gonna be for my brothers booth at market.  We have been helping him plant lots of herbs to take to Allegan Market in June he starts there.   I just had to add a bit of bailin twine to this of cource!!LOL
So that is about all I have to share at the moment.   I am beat not sleeping too good at night my Buster has been gettin me up a few times a night to go outside and do his stuff so hopefully tonight he and I both can sleep.  Tomorrow I have to go to the kitchen and make up 4 cookie baskets for gifts on order so that will be a busy day there again.  Hope yall have a blessed evening, it's lookin kind of gloomy out so hopefully we will get some rain tonight. 
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Anonymous said...

Good grief you EVER sit down??????

Liz Revit said...

Everything looks so delicious. Wish I could climb through my computer monitor and grab one of those bagels.