Monday, November 8, 2010

Busy busy day

What a busy monday this will be and it is already half over!! I got up extra early to finish painting some signs for the next show and also some skates and a couple of  snowmen dolls that need finishing up.  The dolls are attached onto an old rusty bed spring so they will sit ontop of a tree or on a cabinet or even on a mantle. anywhere. 

I do alot of long signs with these guys all decorating trees and the middle one is reaching for a large special snowflake!   "Believe in the season".
Warm winter wishes sign.  I fell in love with the pale green backrounds last year and still love it. 

I have to send some pics of my works in progress to a show for verification of handmade not resale items.  I think that is a wonderful idea that way everyone is judged on handmade quality items.  And it is truly made locally!! 

So  I remembered to take pics while working on a couple of snowmen signs.  My absolute favo thing to paint!
And I do think this one is my favo right now!! I did a very light blue and ivory sponge technique on the backround, the barn red saltbox house just pops off the sign!! and there is a bit of "bling" on the roof edge and on the fence pieces.  Some great glitter flakes by Martha Stewart!! love that sparkle.
And best of all last night while driving back home I came across a sign along the road FREE STUFF
So I turned around to check out the goods!!  Found a cute little wood foot stool, a small cabinet with a little door and shelf behind, great for hidden treasures, and 5 great 4 ft tall old shutters from houses.  SO the shutters are already base coated and distressed outside just waiting for me to do my magic on em and that little cabinet will be the next thing to get a new coat of some paint.  Gee maybe even a sagey green?   Who knows until I get started it could turn out to be barn red or even black.???     What fun along the roadside!! LOL
 hope yall have a super duper sunshiney monday!!
It is 61 degrees out here right now!! YEAH!! YIPPEE!! beautiful day!!
Darlene s



jacque4u2c said...

These are ADORABLE! Fantastic job!

Anonymous said...

Great finds and great signs. I especially love the snowman catching that one special snowflake.