Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bakerella's cake truffles and more

I just love cranberries and orange together so made up a batch of muffins.

And here's the "farmgirl bling" a nice orange glaze for the tops.

Just the right amount to even the tart cranberries out.  I do put my cranberries thru a quick trip in the food processor as I dont like too big of chunks in the muffins or in cakes so this gives em a nice rough chop. 

Some of my pumpkin bread puddings. 

I made a quick cinnamon, brown sugar and butter struesel topping for them.    And since finding BAKERELLA  last year I love making her cake pops!! I havent had much luck with them staying on the sticks so instead decided to do some cake truffles instead.  That way they will travel to shows and market much better packaged in the little candy cups and in boxes.  so here are 4 pans ready for the oven.

After baking and cooling off I chopped up the cakes and put them in the freezer before shaping. 

Here's the cake after adding a homemade cream cheese frosting.  Yepper she suggested using your hands to do this and it makes all the difference to get that frosting competely mixed in. Wearing gloves makes it easy peasy too, I didnt care for rolling them out by hand so I relied on my trusty cookie scoop.  This is the middle size scoop and makes the perfect bite size rounds.   

2 batches made today, an  orange creamsicle, orange cake with vanilla pudding and the other is dark chocolate cake with choc pudding.  both have cream cheese frosting in them and they will be dipped in chocolate.  I am thinking of dipping the orange cake in white chocolate with maybe some orange drizzeled ontop and then the chocolate will be dipped in choc with white choc drizzeled ontop.  They are in the freezer at the kitchen waiting to be dipped.  IT is best to let them freeze up before dippin. 
Chocolate chip and peanut butter sandwich cookies were made and also some of my orange marmalade filled kolachy cookies.  I am taking some things to a store today and see how that goes!!  hopefully they will have luck with everything. 
And here's the pan of kolachy before bakin, they are not exempt for my "farmgirl bling" either they get a very generous dose of powdered sugar after cooling.  These are my grandma Rose's recipe that my mom and I make every year to put on our christmas cookie trays.  Speakin of we need to start gettin things in order for them xmas is right around the corner and we deliver trays of asst cookies and some candies to friends and businesses that deal with us.  And of cource the mailman gets a surprise in the mailbox, the trash guy, neighbors and family!!  Typically we make up about 15 kinds of cookies, some toffee and some barks and this year we will add maybe some mini muffins or a little loaf of a sweet bread too. 
I always look forward to holiday baking and experimenting with making up the trays and tins full.  I am gonna make some up for the shows in the next few weeks too.  While at Michaels and Hobby Lobby friday I found some great printed up holiday goodie boxes and bags so bought way too much but love that kind of stuff!! and it makes such nice gifts.  I would so rather have a gift that was handmade than something store bought.  We look forward to my mother and father in laws candy they give us each year so much!!  Yes I even like to recieve food gifts from others!  LOL  Lots to get done today, I have 4 more snowmen signs to finish up and then work on a sign that a friend ordered, go and dip the truffles,  make up some cookie doughs for next week markets and deliver an order and then maybe relax!!  LOL.  It is startin to cool off too and we are expecting rain sometime today too so good day to work inside!! 
Have a great weekend!!
Talk to yall again soon!!


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jacque4u2c said...

I think I gained about 110 pounds just reading this post - but goodness was it worth it!!! YUM!!!!!!