Saturday, November 6, 2010


The boxes of asst shortbread cookies for show today.

Made some kolachky with our homemade apricot preserves.  Nice dusting of powdered sugar finishes them great!

Here's my part of the booth.  I just took food stuff as my friend and I split the booth.

Ruth makes all herbal teas and homemade all natural soaps, and salves.  Her cold remedy salve is wonderful been using it alot lately!  And her sleep salve is the best!!  you rub a bit on the bottom of your feet before bedtime to help you relax and get a restful night's sleep. Lavender infused it smells wonderful!

I did some more dog cookies up but forgot them at home so they are already packed to go with me of cource if  I happen to forget them my boys will be happy!!! they are my quality assurance guys anyway and have to taste test everything for me!! except the chocolates of cource but I do usually make them their own treats to enjoy!! Last night they had some homemade gravy on their food and I wish I could have taken pics quick enuogh Buster and Barney both had dabs of gravy on their chins!  Too too cute!! Love these guys.  Buster I swear doesnt taste what he eats he just chows down, Barney usually eats kind of slow but Bubba! he savors every bite!! he is always the last one to finish and then goes to each other bowl and cleans em all out!! just in case there are any crumbs left!!   Ah my kids!!  and yes "dogs are just kids that eat off the floor!!"  LOL

We were about done and will only have a couple of touch ups to do this am before it opens.
Hope yall have a blessed weekend!! 


Anonymous said...

It was so nice to see the photos of your stall. Now I feel like I have been there.

Kim said...

Everything looks wonderful. have a great day. And I look forward to hearing details when you get home.