Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What's good wed?

Buster Brown being silly and maybe a bit disgusted with his food bowl~~ we usually feed them at night when we eat supper and while eating Buster was showing us in his own way he wanted his NOW!! and I mean now after these pics he decided to pick up his bowl and throw it down on the floor!  He is so silly!! makes me laugh!!

My little silly boy Barney!!

This is Pete our shop dog who is actually more wolf than dog but boy is he a great watch dog!!  He LOVES my dad and my hubby but no one else can get near him at the shop!  And he just loves his squeaky toys, I get him a new one regularly and boy that dog keeps them nice and plays with them, unlike my boys who trash everything seconds after gettin them!!

This is litttle Precious the  grandparents baby!!  She is a stink pot and just adores grandma and grandpa!! oh and she is NOT spoiled at all!! LOL

And little Bubba laying on Busters bed in the sunshine!!  HE will lay in the warm sun for hours!    So  I thought everyone could use a smile today and these guys all make me smile!! 

Whats good today you ask??  THE ELECTIONS are over!~!  Oh my goodness my phone will never be the same!!  I am sure it will be happy and I am so glad not to see anymore backstabbing commercials!!   I read over at musingsbyroxie's blog that is it terrible all these phone calls and it is all automated!! not even realy people anymore!! THAT IS SO TRUE!!   Our phone company just changed to Frontier from verizon and oh my gosh!! what a mess to have to call them!!!  We had no phone line the other day just an open line all danged day too (one good thing though I didnt have to hear the campaining that day) anyway I tried several times to call and report the problem only to listed to minutes and minutes of an automated person tell me there appears to be nothing wrong!  I was so angry it would not let me speak to someone at all and then wanted me to go outside *(not in the rain though) and take the cover off of the box on the side of the house and check the wires!!!  WELLL I have news for them it WAS raining and I wasnt about to monkey around with stuff like that!!  So instead I had to keep calling on my cell phone rackin up minutes to keep reporting it and at the end the recording just kept telling me nothing is wrong and if we have to send a service tech out you will be charged fees!!! STUPID! what the heck has happened to customer service in this country!! And dish network is the worst for this too!! You are also dealing with all automated lines but when you do get to speak to someone a person who (no offense anyone) cannot barely speak english gets on the phone and you can barely understand what they are saying or talking so fast you miss things and have to keep asking what did u say?  STUPID again!!  I am just so sick of it!!   I take time to talk to my customers and thank them for any purchase or even if they come to my booth at markets and say hi and look around.  It only takes a second and a smile makes a huge impression if you ask me!! How many times have you been to a store, restraunt, or in a business and the person you deal directly with doesnt even say "thanks" when you spend your hard earned money at their establishment!!!???  Makes me sick!! The other day while shopping at a local grocery store I made my purchases and the cashier didnt say one word NOT one!! not even to tell me the amount of my purchases but upon leaving the store the little greeter guy at the door say "Thanks for shopping at Meijers today and have a great day"  I told him thank you very much for being so polite and his smile will keep bringing me back to this store! I will just be sure to use the self check out lane!! LOL
So with all that being said I am on a mission to tell people to just remember one thing a day!! SMILE to someone, anyone, a spouce, a child, a parent, a customer, a boss, a coworker, a stranger ANYONE!!  just make an effort to smile at someone!!! or if you dont come in contact with anyone smile at yourself in the mirror it will make you feel better!!! 
So have a wonderful fall wed yall!!
i am off to the kitchen to bake today!! YEAH!! YIPPEE!!YEE HAW!!play time!



Susan said...

3 things...the dogs are adorable! Love that last picture, so sweet!
2...Elections over...AMEN! are right about the lack of smiles and how about saying thank you and your welcome, like when someone holds the door for you at the convenience store...ooh that is a pet peeve!

and now...
come visit:

I have a surprise for you :)

Anonymous said...

Well...I'll bet you feel a lot better getting all that off your chest. You are quite correct, there is no such thing as service excellence anymore. If you do happen to run across it be sure to let the person know how much you appreciate it. It will encourage them to continue. Automated answering machines? I'd like to blow the whole lot of them up..especially the ones that talk to you like Bell telephones Emily. If you make one little sound like a sneeze or a cough or clear your throat she things you said something and your doom is sealed. Give me a real person anyday.....even the ones that don't speak good english are at least human and can understand where you are coming from. Funny story...true dad at 82 was not the easiest person to get along with at the best of times and he had to deal with his cel phone carrier.....broken english.....well, Dad started raging and roaring and demanding to speak to a supervisor and ended up with someone, again, who could not speak properly. Did he ever give them whatfor. I'm sure they all wanted to go home and take a nap after that call.