Monday, November 15, 2010

Hunting day

NOVEMBER 15 pretty much a holiday here for hubby!!  He gets up extra early, bundled up in his camo clothes, and patiently and as still as possible in his tree stand for that one noice, one movement of an approaching deer. You see today is the first day of gun hunting in MI for deer.   I really enjoy seein the deer cross in back of our house and thru the woods as they travel and even in our corn field eating our sweet corn!! but I do so love LOVE a nice piece of perfectly cooked venison or vension chili, (hubby makes this and it is the BEST ever) or a nice grilled  tenderloin of venison. We do say it is God's pure meat for us!   He only gets one maybe 2 of which we will eat and that is it!  and he doesnt bait them, which I think is so wrong, where is the sport in baitin prey?  Just like fishing, using all the fancy dancy fishfinders we just go to the lake and pic spots and if we catch something great if not oh well it sure was worth the peaceful tranquility of sitting in a boat on the water!!  and catchin some rays of sunshine too!!
Today I am off to the kitchen it will be all about making up my mixes for this week and doin cookie doughs to bake tomorrow and maybe gettin some candies done.  I do have to dip more of the cake balls and decorate them and also decorate some dog bones up xmas style.  I bought some pretty red,green white non parielys for them this weekend and some pretty holiday sprinkles while at Michaels.    It is kind of grey outside and very cool only to be in the 40s today so good day to be inside a nice warm kitchen!   
Buster and I picked up 5 wheelbarrow full of down branches and trees that were layin in the woods to use for kindlin this winter.  I like doin that and try to get a nice big ol pile of em since I pretty much and the one that is responsible for tending the fire during the day and early in the am, usually there are  quite abit of hot coals overnight and it does stay pretty warm but there are those days it burns up and not much left so I like my little branches to help start fires.    This week we are starting Bronson's Winter Market In Kalamazoo, friday  from 10-2 and also Dave (from Young Earth Farm) and I are starting our winter drop markets in Allegan and South Haven thurs.   And I also am in Dowagiac MI Old Fashioned Christmas craft show on sat.  Looks like it will be a pretty nice week and there are some nice lookin booths at the show.

With all that said I am off hair in braids, bandana on, apron ready to get to the kitchen and play!! I have the cam in the truck so I will be comin back to yall with pics!!
Have a wonderful monday!

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Kim said...

As always I will be waiting for the next post and the pictures!!! Hope you have a wonderful day at the kitchen.