Wednesday, November 17, 2010

paintin and bakin day

Hey Yall~~   Geezeeeee for some reason I have been gettin up way before I really need to so with all the extra hours this week I have been paintin in the early mornin and then bakin in the afternoon!   And of cource I did up more snowmen signs.  I so want to make them into xmas cards to send out but really need to get a different program for doin that on our puter.  *(on my xmas wish list) LOL 

This guy is reaching for the best snowflake around!****

I love that dark barn red against the blue backround it really stands out nice!

Still have to finish them but will try to work on them tonight or early tomorrow am since we have market csa drops tomorrow and then Bronson Winter Market on friday and a show on sat!! WHEWW~~ busy week.  As of right now I am definetly plannin on takin a nice long nap with my boys on Sunday!

decided to do non xmas thing.  This along with another one will be on a shutter! 

Another snowman this one I wanted to have him holdin somethin other than a wreath, so a tree in a pot and a bowl of gingers works. 

And this old metal coffee pot has been sittin in my studio for about a year now.  It was time to do something with it.  I am thinkin of stuffin it full of pines and a battery candle light and lots of glitter!! 

Here's the babka that I showed you the other day, these I filled with cinnamon and raisins. 
 FYI when bakin raisin bread I do NOT put any raisins on top of the bread anymore as in the convection oven the heat is intense and it really burnt the little guys that were ontop and they actually flew off of the bread!! LOOK OUR FLYIN RAISINS!! LOL   Susan told me once she made some puff pastry dough for baklava and topped a cheesecake with it and the layers were flyin around the oven like crazy!! 
These babkas are filled with a buttery streusel and a bit ontop

AND>>>>>>>>>> here is my favo of the day!!  I started out makin bread pudding then added orange zest and juice and chopped up fresh cranberries, and some pieces of walnuts!!   I did make a very nice creamy cinnamon sauce and added just a touch of cardamom to it to top it!!   We had to sample one and ours Susan mixed in a bit of brandy into the sauce!! WOW!! what a nice kick!!  It really made a wonderful addition! 

more cinnamon raisin babka.   I did add cinnamon sugar to the tops and misted them for a nice crispy top. 

And I made some more orange coconut macaroons.   they really arent 1/2 as good if they arent dipped in choc!!  and drizzled ontop a bit more.
So that is all I have to share at the moment!  I am off to the kitchen to make pierogi and some herbed biscuit loaves and cookies today! 
Hope yall have a wonderful wed!!


Levijane said...

You're SO creative! And I am a freak for matter what season it is. :) Great job!!

Dawn from The Pip Berry Tree

Kerrie said...

I love your snowmen!