Friday, November 12, 2010

It's Friday!!

Wow its almost the weekend already!! GEE where do the days go?  I worked at the kitchen yesterday afternoon and boy did I miss it.  Mon-wed all I did is paint and get ready for a show next weekend and those days were busy ones but absolutely good ones cuz i could be home with my precious boys!! 
I made cranberry orange muffins yesterday and got a few mixes ready for today to bake.  My kolachky, some cut out sugar cookies and some sandwich cookies will be baked today to take to a shop in Saugatuck.  SPICE MERCHANTS will be trialing some things in there to see how it goes!! YEAH!!  They are an awesome tea and spice shop and it just smells so divine in there.  They are along butler street so if yall are near there stop on in!!    So most of my day will be spent baking and playin in flour of cource and that is fine by me! the only thing that would make it better would be to have my "boys" there but that is not possible.  At least though they are only 7 min away from me and yepper I do call home a few times to let them know I love em and miss em!!   Dave my market buddy always pics on me at market when I call home, he says boy "maybe I should call the cows at home and see what they are doin?" LOL oh well I know my boys hear me when I call and leave em a message on the machine!!  Usually it always ends with "and remember mommy loves you more than daddy!!" and there have been times my sweet hubby calls home too and leaves them a message and says "mommy's lying daddy loves you more"!!  Oh we love these guys!! 
Another nice day in mi today, cant believe this it has been in the upper 60s and into 70 this week!! all week too!! just gorgeous!! but they are talkin snow next week so more like our november should be round here.  That's ok I love the snow just really been spoiled this fall. 
The girls are doin pretty good they are however very mad at me!! and I do mean very mad!!  They are closed in their coop and pen for a few days as something in mid daylight killed one of my hens tues, no tracks and it wasnt typical of a hawk, coon, weasel, or coyote  so not quite sure what it could have been but there were feathers strewn about like it shaked her alot.  My poor little black hen it looked like one of our younger ones and you know I was home all day workin in my studio, I heard the guineas having fits talkin outside but each time I went to check I didnt see anything around.  So they are being grounded "safe grounding" for a few days.  We have 20 little ones that I have been waiting to intro them into the flock but will wait a bit longer since this attack.  My girls are free rangers and usually make their rounds around the property and pasture and then back home round dusk so now being closed in their pen they are MAD!! and acutally it is a nice size totoally enclosed pen 70 feet long x 16 feet wide and then their front pen to go into the coop so they do have alot of room yet but still it is not the same.  When I walked back to the house yesterday mornin they were standing lookin at the gate and just squakin away!! probably wonderin what I was doin and not opening the door for them.  Well better safe than sorry I dont want whatever was here to get used to lunch on me each day!! 
You know yesterday afternoon I took my brother to Holland to do some quick shoppin, our usualy spots hobby lobby, michaels, gfs, meijers and family fare and just happen to come incontact with some very friendly nice folks.  Usually everyone is just hurrin here and there and busy with things on their minds but for some strange reason I had a few people say comments to us.  One was while walking into meijers grocery store a lady was in back of us and when I pulled a cart out she hit it with one she was pullin out and they kind of got tangled up a bit , she said Oh I am so sorry and we laughed I told her no problem and she said have a nice day to us.  Then in the checkout a guy and I were goin to the same one and I stopped since I had more and told him to go ahead of us he looked so surprised and said are you sure?  like it was a huge deal and said thanks alot I will remember this!!?  then while walking out of the last store I was pushing the cart back to the storefront and a gal said Oh I will take that cart then you dont have to walk all the way back and I need one and also said thanks and have a great night!!  SO NICE to hear just the little comments and be nice to each other!  IT really made me feel good inside.   It just goes to show a smile,  a thoughtful greeting, or even just a word to someone makes an impact. 
Have a wonderful friday I will be back tomorrow with pics from today!!


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mybabyjohn said...

Here in good old Guelph Ontario it is random acts of kindness day.....I will try to remember some of the examples you mention in your post..and, I think I will soon post a giveaway contest again... You could have coyotes in your area...we actually have one roaming the east end of our city. It took out someones cat the other day.