Tuesday, December 13, 2011


WHAT A DAY!!  I left early this am and got home late tonight!!  what was I doing all day??? BAKING COOKIES!! and more cookies!! LOL and it was all kinds of fun!!
Here's a list from today:
Gingersnap triangles
Shortbread trees
Mocha Wands
Butter Spritz wreaths
my newest concoction!!  Shortbread pinwheels filled with peanut butter chocolate chip cookies!!!  souds great huh! they are yummy and I am not a peanut butter fan!! only grilled peanut butter n raspberry jelly sandwiches!!!  My grandma Rose used to make em for me and they were sooooo good.  U know I make em for me once in a while when I have to have one but never tastes as good as my dear Grandmas!  Miss ya Grandma!!
back to the list:
Cherry filled linzer tart
Cranberry lemon pecan cookies
Here's the pinwheel cookies

butter cookie rounds

pinwheels sliced up

Nekked chess pie

There's the lemon buttermilk filling.  This is actually a really old recipe of my Grandmas and I honestly dont remember her making it too often.  It is a southern specialty and a delish one too!
I also got done some cheddar pepper topped foccacia loaves,  Butternut squash soup, vegetarian white bean chili,  creamy tater soup,

the shortbread trees complete with green sugar and colored non pariels. 

gingersnap triangles that need to be dipped in chocolate yet

These are fun to do you use a large star tip and pipe them out into strips with a little extra at the ends. 
mocha wands that get 1/2 dipped in melted milk chocolate
so what a day!!  I am beat and goin to bed early.  Tomorrow is our artisans market and also my last show of the season.  I am sad but also glad as this has been wayyy too much extra work.   Still working on opening a shop just waiting for a liability insurance policy and I can open!!
Hope yall have a great night!!  Oh I gotta get a skate done for an order for tomorrow!! 
Good night yall!!


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Scrap Vamp said...

Wow! You are cooking up a storm! It all looks delicious!