Saturday, December 17, 2011

shop news!~

HEY YALL!!   My mom and I went today to pay and sign lease and we got the KEYS~!! to our new shop!!  Eagle st. handmades will be the name!!  Now I have to see if I can get an ad in the paper for next week and also print up some flyers and paint a sign for out front on the sidewalk and oh yeah start moving things in!  YEE HAW!!! 
Too much to do but I will get it done!!  I would like to be open on tues!! I feel a sudden burst of high energy and excitment!!  (maybe it was the 2 mickey d's hot mochas I have had this afternoon and  about 4 cups of coffee?? but who's counting anyway!) 
I am goin to do the shop as an artists/crafters co-op and have a small montly booth fee to see how things go.  Tomorrow I will take some display things there and also some of my primitives at least I have alot of things made up already to fill the shop!! 
So I will post pics tonight from my main computer of todays baking!! I did up some gingersnap shortbread, my peanut butter cookie pies, cranberry lemon pecan cookies, kolachky dough to be baked next week and filled with red raspberry or apricot preserves, chocolate mint cookies, and more shortbread trees.   And we got snow!! *** and some sleet but it sure is pretty and  I love goin out this time of evening to do chores in the  freshly fallen snow, there is such a sense of peacefullness and tranquility outside.  LOVE IT!!
Be back soon!! 

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Kim said...

I jusy love seeing what you are up to!