Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Hey there everyone!!!  I hope yall had a most Blessed Christmas!!  I missed xmas with the families.  Been sick since before xmas,  I finally went to the doctor and got 3 prescriptions so should be back to norm soon!! I hope!!  allergy infection, bronchitis and inner ear infection, now hubby knows why I have been talking so loud!  well when I can talk there has been quite a few days I couldnt really talk my throat was so sore and raspy! 
   Things are progressing along with the shop in fact my mom and  I went to a couple of thrift stores yesterday and bought a great large bookcase cabinet that I am gonna refinish in  ivory then distressed or I have a gorgeous light blue that I have used to paint my signs for infront of the shop that would look great distressed.  I actually am leaning towards the blue.  Will share before and after pics when we go pick it up, w had her car and could not fit it in there so will go pick up tomorrow.  It is old and has 2 drawers on the bottom that actually work fine too.  My hubby can raise it up on maybe old spindle legs we have that way it is off the ground a bit and more eye level.   I am hoping to find a couple more but well need to get one done at a time ya know!!  I get myself too bogged down with too many projects.  Right now I am finishing up some stamped metal warsher necklaces that I started before xmas.  They turned out very cool, madeone for my hubby's grandma, my sis in law and my step daughter and they liked em alot.  Hubby had a set of metal stamp letters so I just hammered away!!  I did some everyday words on them like dream, hope, faith, create, inspire etc. and then wrapped with thin silver wire and added some tiny glass beads.  Will share those later today, I haven had a chance to get the pics off camera yet. 
The boys had a great xmas Santapaws was good to them since they have been such little angels all year they got lots of new toys, bones, treats, and of cource balls!! The love tennis balls, and stuffed animals!! Barney and Bruno carry stuffed animals all over the house and my goodness we got to bed at night with at least 4 usually more stuffed animals in bed with us. We have to go to bed with Barneys Tiger and a favo duck he has and Bruno cannot go to bed without Word Bird and a red bear he loves!!  LOL they are some crazy kids!!  But I love em sooooo much!!! 
Well I better get bundled up and head outside to do chores, looking forward to the brisk fresh air, it is only 27 outside right now but no snow!! they were saying we were getting a couple of inches!! Just flurries yesterday and then gone again!!  ok by me even though yall know how much I do LOVE SNOW!! I am just not in the mood for it right now! ??? probably in jan!
Have a great day will be back tonight to share pics!!

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Kim said...

I am so glad to hear you are felling better. Can't wait to see the cabinet redo. I have some washer pendants on my studio bench as well.