Saturday, December 10, 2011

Creating, baking and ****SNOWING****

One of my recycled kids skates into a little winter lamp.  These are so much fun to do just really difficult to find the double runner skates nowadays. 

IT'S BEGINNING TO LOOK ALOT LIKE WINTER OUTSIDE NOW!!!  Woke up this am to *** **** **** **** snow on the ground!! and it is just lovely!!  Last night was our cafe art market and that went very well!! It is in Everyday People's Cafe and we always have a great time there!! My friend Ruth and I shared a table and did very well. 
Wed night was our farmers/artisans market and that was very well recieved.  We ended up having 18 booths full of handmade treasures, gifts, and unique one of a kinds!!
The next artisan market we will be doing is Wed december 14th~~ 
We had fun even though we didnt have a band and next week we will have Joe who is an awesome karaoke singer~ we does our saturday market and really is an asset to our markets. 
Well I will be in Kalamazoo today at the Bank Street Market in the bingo hall from 8-1 today. I got up at 3.30 and it is now almost 5am and boy I am ready for a nap!! LOL I will be back home with my little family soon enough and me and the boys can take a nap then!!
Yesterday at the kitchen it was all about xmas cookies!  I did up some iced shortbread snowflakes, my cranberry lemon pecan cookies with lemon cream filling,  cinnamon maple cream filled gingersnap shortbread sandwiches, smores, brown sugar shortbread trees, cherry filled linzer tarts, and some chocolate brownies with homemade caramel sauce swirled in so it was a productive day and I also made up a batch of my black olive sage baguette loaves for today too.
Hope yall have a great weekend!! 
Be back soon!


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