Friday, December 2, 2011

shop pics

I am calling these yummy little treats PIE POCKETS"  these are filled with thick pumpkin pie filling and are just delish.   I think next week I will do cherry.

Made some linzer tart cookies and these not only look good they do taste good.  trying to get a jump start on xmas cookie varieties and thought these look nice and festive.
Cherry preserves inside a butter cookie.

Isnt this just the cutest entry!!  This is Foundry Hall I talk about so much, where we have our farmers market each week.  I put pine wreaths on teh gates and also our banners but my batteries were dead so I couldnt take more of it once I had all the decorations up.

Inside main entry! LOOK AT THAT FLOOR!! love it! I have always wanted black and white in my oun kitchen but never have done it.  HMMMMMMMMMMMm maybe time huh!!
And this is the entry to the shop we are going to rent.  I love it!!

Inside the shop, you can see it isnt alot of space but we can fill it up I am sure of that!

I really am not a yellow fan but this is a nice and mellow and yet bright color. 

Very welcoming to me and cozy, this cabinet is a built in and would look great with holiday gifts. 
We are hoping to get things tied up this weekend and can start moving in next week!!  Also next week is our Farmers/Artisans market!!  I have at least 20 different crafters/artists coming along with our farmers so should be fun!!  My friend and I are going on tues to decorate.  I  have bought up every artificial garland I could find and and white lights for them too.   Of cource I will take more pics of our process. 
Hope yall have a wonderful friday!  I was feeling quite under the weather last night and am really worn out, feels like maybe an allergy infection or something so gonna take a nap with the boys.
Talk soon!!

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Callie said...

mmm... love the pie pockets! Hope you are feeling much better.