Sunday, March 29, 2009


Gosh it is cold again! but we didnt get snow YEAH~~ YIPPEE!!~ we did get a bit of rain but not alot at all, and this week we are goin to be in the 50s again!! YEE HAW!!! I only work 2 days this week so maybe can work outside a bit cleanin up all the leaves that keep blowin around from the fall. I did work at the shop most of yesterday and will be there today again we put the older crafty things on clearance and i am bringin in some of my altered books and scrappy things and new primitives and am working on making the display cabinets sparkle!~! So will go and bake this week as i have a show in Muskegon on April 18th that i am making baked goods and sweet confections for~~So if you are near stop on by!~~ samples will be there too!
OK so my little studmuffin had his date last night~~ oh he was a stinker at first and was growling and a bit nasty to the ladies~they are adorable little gals too!~! He did mellow out i think it was a bit overwhelming for 2 gals to be so interested in one litte guy who was the smallest one~!~ I will post pics of them later today. Callie, Deva, and then my friends handsome guy ElTorro was there plus my baby~~daddy had to hold him most of the time but towards the end he settled down and kisses were shared by all!! Hopefully next time they get together it will go much better. He is socialized to other dogs so not sure why he got snippy. Maybe just a bit too much too fast i dont know but he did good and I was proud of the little boy. It sure wore him out too, he slept on the seat of the truck next to me the whole way home out like a light!! First time for that i tell ya!! LOL

Better get my butt off puter hubby and I have some errands to tend to this am and then we are goin to breakfast. Oh please keep my father in law in your prayers he was just at a doctors visit and they found out the form of sclerederma he has affects the organs. But they do have a couple of different meds i guess that can and may halt the disease process some. He will find out more this week they are doing ct scans and lung tests. I am hoping an praying he will be ok, he is a very giving person and I am glad he is in our lives!! TAKE CARE~~

Friday, March 27, 2009


well TGIF~ got up this am and sanded on my cabinet then went to lunch with my mom and brother and then we went to store and bought some groceries. WOW!! some of the prices have really gotten high on everyday items.!!! CRAZY!! last year our groceries were higher because of feul prices now that they are down groceries still continue to soar ^^^^ oh well we are plantin more in the gardens and my mom and I are plannin on cannin more and more this summer.
Mother nature sure has fooled us here in MI as it is down right stinkin cold out now!! in the upper 30s and windy, hopefully we arent gettin snow like they say for the weekend, then they say back in the 50s next week. My sugar snap peas are sprouting like mad in my greenhouse and the lettuce is lookin good!! will take some pics this weekend of the babies!! OH AND GUESS WHAT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> my Mr. Boopie Woopie Boo has a date tomorrow!! Barney is gettin gussied up to meet 2 ladies!!! yepper a friend at work's daughter has 2 girls and we may become related if the meeting goes well!! LOL I am taking my dig cam with so will post them with my little studmuffin!! LOL
The girls are back to layin eggs and production is goin well now, everyone is happy for the springy weather we been havin they have been scratchin everywhere. I still have to set up the duck pool though!!! OH MY GOSH the geese and ducks were so mad, they came running the other day to where we have the big pool for them set up, only to find it there but empty!! YUP empty!! oh they were mad!! I watched and swear they were stampin their little feets around and squackin up a storm. Probably swearin their little pea pickin hearts out at me for not filling it!!What was I thinkin huh!! will fill it up this weekend if the weather is ok. Last spring we got a late late snowfall and freeze, well their pool was in a different spot along the drive to the coop and one morning while leaving to go to work i did chores, (it was dark outside and my hubby didnt hook up a backup light on my truck) so as i was backin up I felt something strange and my tire was spinning on the drivers side. WELL YEPPER AS YOU ARE PROBABLY THINKING RIGHT NOW!! I backed right over and into the side of their pool.. Now this is a kiddy pool that is only I think 40 inches? tall or maybe a bit more but geee!! smashed it right down. My hubby called me at work after he seen it and had to harass me about it!! Well the way I seen it IT was so his fault for not puttin that back up light that i have been askin for for along time!! LOL ok still my fault but it sounded good huh!!! LOL
Well have a super super night and will chat more this weekend!!
Still have flower seeds for sale if anyone wants just look in my archives!!

OK NOW THIS IS NOT FUNNY AT ALL!~~ the news just popped on tv to say we are under a winter storm watch with 3maybe more inches thru sunday!!! NOT FUNNY AT ALL!!! I better get the heat lamps on in the greenhouse quick!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


My neighbor gave me this old cabinet a couple of weeks ago, i finally got some pics of it as is. I am thinkin of using it either at the shop or in my farmstand not quite sure. The glass will come out and we are putting mesh screening in place and I am thinkin of paintin it black then sand some off or maybe another coat of a light sagey green then antiqued and distressed. I love the cabinet though so it will be fun to redo!!!

Well it is saturday!! WOW this week has flewn right on by me!! I think i have slept more and laid around more this week than in my entire life! LOL Each day gets better so YEAH!! We are not plannin on doin much today but will go out to my inlaws and have lunch and CAKE! yeah CAKE!! It is only 22 degrees outside again and hopefully will keep stayin warmer out yesterday it only got in the 40s so I am keepin my fingers crossed that spring is fast approaching. My sugar snap peas are starting to sprout in the greenhouse and also some of the flowers I put in.
I added a couple of pics here of the inside of a wall in my farmstand. We are gettin good egg production and thought it was time to put some new prims and things in it too. Hopefully next week will have more things in there and ready for the upcoming season!!
Hope yall have a terrific weekend and will talk more next week!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Takin it easy thrus!!

Well it is thurs already!! I just wanted to post a bit why i havent been doin my daily posts here, I have lost a couple of days ~~
I havent quite felt good for a couple of weeks, female issues goin on so anyway went to work on monday and just wasnt me, i had a very hard time concentrating and doin my work i just wanted to sleep!! no i am not the kind of person who lays around either, so called my obgyn on tue only to find out my blood count was way low, he was in surgery all day so had to see him first thing yesterday am, he sent me right to or for surgery. He said no wonder you feel down and yukky we have to stop the bleeding asap. So that was wed for me, after sleeping all day tue and even not doin much of anything over the past weekend but take naps with my boys on and off!!
SO I am thinkin i am goin to take it easy today and not do alot i am pretty sore and achy. BUT you wait cuz this weekend I am goin to get to business and make things!!
Hope yall have a happy happy thurs!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Playin around Sunday



A big cheery sunday hello!!!

Well I FINALLY played around with some paperclay today!! now I bought this pkg 2 years ago with the hopes of making something, put it in a drawer in my studio!! (i know big mistake when things are hidden away and out of sight we tend to forget about them) so while siftin thru some things I came across it and thought hmmmmmmmm wonder if it is still good. WELL it is really fun to use!! This is everything I cut out for the moment to see how they end up after painting. This stuff is just drying but I love the look. THE BIRD turned out just too cute cant wait to paint him up!!!! Maybe blue with a bit of red? It was fun to sit and play with this stuff, I also stamped a few words on the long pieces that I am goin to paint up and seal and hopefully make them into neckalces, the bracket is goin ontop of an altered journal book i am working on for a friend maybe the flowers too. The word love turned out so cool they are stamped on then I went over the letters with an embossing tool to make them a bit deeper and stand out more.

THEN I finished up a banner for the flower shop!! OK I AM NOT usually using such bright bold colors you know i am a true prim grubby kind of gal but we wanted something for in a big window at the shop that would STAND out!! well i think my mom and i picked out the perfect colors for this flower banner!~ I think it will look great as the shop outside is light grey too. I made all the accordian flowers on the bottoms and added some ribbons, a bit of distressing using Tim Holtz black distressing ink, and some great lime green crepe paper I found in a card/party store!! I ran it under my sewing machine to make it gather then cut the edges with some decorative scissors, I THINK IT SCREAMS BRIGHT AND BOLD!! LOL
Ok so I am off to finish up a couple of swap gifts for a dear friend Marla!! and hopefully will get all my paper clay things painted up.

Friday, March 13, 2009


This is my hubby favo bread that i came up with. The glaze has a bit of a hint of almond and is topped off with some chopped pistachio nuts.

Homemade glazed pistachio bread!! for sale in mysweetserendipity etsy shoppe

I made this quick banner for one of the front windows on my new shoppe!! I love it!! love the pink of cource but it has a vintagey/retro feel with the embellishes!!! I took white crepe paper and sewed it on my machine gathering along, made all the accordian flowers on the bottoms and then handcut the letters out of paper added some "BLING" pink glitter to each one and then put them on white pieces, to stand out I added foam pop dots to each letter.

Old recycled pieces of ribbons are added and a couple buttons. Each triangle is distressed a bit using Tim Holtz distressing ink in black.

What do yall think??

Have you been on flikr?? OH My gosh I have been putting pics there of some of my altered stuff and scrappy stuff and all I can say is WOW! there are so many cool pics and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many talented paper artists out there it is truly amazing. chick em out if ya get a chance!!! I could spend ALL day in there believe me!! BUT i have to get off here as my mom,brother and I are goin out to lunch today and also doin a bit of grocery shopping then back home to play for the weekend!! AND sunday it my birthday!! YEPPER BUT NOT another year older i might add!! ROFL~~in my 30's and lovin it so much will stay here awhile longer!! LOL!! AGE IS JUST A NUMBER ANYWAY!! Well i hope yall have a super wonderful blessed weekend just in case i dont get back on here.


thanks again for visiting my blog~~

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

MORE SEEDS for sale~~

Here is a pic of last summer with some of the sensation mix cosmos. I am selling these seeds, 1/2 way thru summer they were taller than the the milk can in the backround.
Just a peek at the yellow pencil pod beans we sell. Those seeds are $1.25 a pkg of approx 25 seeds+. These are great for eating, canning or freezing and produce prolific amounts of beans. (plus travel expenses to USA)

A pic of our purple/burgandy beans and some of the early green beans from last summer. I love those little yellow pear tomatoes too!! The purple beans are $1.25 pkg of approx 25 seed+ plus travel expenses to USA.
Ok that is it for right now in seeds. Today anyway!! Hope yall are havin a great tues and gettin more spring like weather! We are gettin rain again changing to snow flurries tomorrow! I know I am sick of snow now!! I do have things started in my greenhouse so hopefully we dont have too cold of weather.
I am off to work on a few new things and some new jewelry items ***hint it will be with stamped shrink plastic??? Never worked with this so it should be fun!! plus cuttin more glass to make bracelets, well glass bottles that is!!! Will let yall see when they are done!!! ENJOY your day!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

HAPPY MONDAY!! more seeds 4 sale

I got a bunch of these peat seed starter discs. They are 5.$1.00 if you are interested. U just put your seed in the hole and water and they swell up and the seed sprouts. I plant these in pots when they get too big and they are plantable.
Shasta White daisy $1.50 pkg of around 50 seeds
These mexican sunflowers are so cool!! I planted a bunch of them last sumer and used them in boquets at market. A bright orange color $1.50 a pkg of 50 seeds
OH who doesnt love zinnias?? My grandmother had tons of them in her gardens. This is a mixed color pkg $1.50 pkg and they are bushy plants with reg size blooms
Golden Zucc are a favo around here!! the skin is more tender than the black beauty zucc and they taste great. I like to mix them up in a stir fry they are a pretty gold skinned color. $1.25 pkg of 25 seeds
I also still have some of the teddy bear sunflowers, lemon queen sunflowers, autumn blend sunflowers and the giant zinnias. Either leave me a comment here or email me!!
THANKS! have a happy monday!! I am off to work in my craft studio to make some new jewelry for a show the end of the month!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Feelin Yukky friday

Well I been up since 3 am with a terrible sinus headache almost to the point where I thought it was a migraine. The whole head pounding when you move, stomach upset, face feelin like it is twice the size and achy so havent even been in my craftin happy place studio today at all!! DARN I just hate wasted days so will have to make up for it on my next day off monday. I work the weekend so will just get a few more things put in the greenhouse and then hopefully can finish up some paper challanges I started yesterday. I have to tell ya though today i decided to let the "girls" free range, yepper it was time!! i just know they were plotting against me in their pen and coop the last few weeks so figured they can run free and boy did they ever. As soon as i walked away from opening the gate door this am they were happy happy little campers!! off they went this way and that!! also they do tend to lay better when they are free and as i always say "happy girls lay happy eggs"!!LOL
OK well we think they are better than storebought. So all my egg customers we have lots of eggs in the fridge for yall!! Well I just wanted to tell yall have a great weekend and yepper that dang spring bug has bitten me hard!! I so want flowers bloomin outside and that wonderful smell and all the birdies around!!
OK off to lay down i just feel queezy and not too much ambition!!SORRY!!
talk to ya soon!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Seeds for sale!!

Ok the first of our flower seeds arrived in mail today!!! YEAH !!! These have all been pkg for the 09 season!! We buy in bulk from a very reputable supplier that we have been with for years most everything we have planted from them germinates 90%!!

Here is what I have so far for sale:
*Teddy Bear Sunflowers{these are all yellow and kind of fluffy full with a green center, they dont get too tall but $.99 pkg (30+ seeds)
*Autumn Blend Sunflowers
$.99 pkg approx 50 seeds {you get quite abit in a pkg and they are a gorgeous color combo of bronze, light yellow, red, and 2 toned also smaller sunflowers all with brown centers}
*Bright Lights Cosmos
$.99 pkg this is a great mix of gold, yellow and orange cosoms, they bloom all summer and reseed each year spreading, mine got almost 3 feet tall last summer.
*Indian Spring Holly Hock {heirloom variety} $.99 pkg {these are so easy to grow and look great!! this mix has red, light and dark pink, yellow, peachy orange and purple seeds}
*Lemon Queen Sunflower $.99 pkg {light yellow smaller sunflower with dark brown centers and they are bushy with more than 1 bloom on a stem} 50+seeds
*Sensation Mix Cosmos $.99 pkg {these are your more traditional colors, purple, pink, whites, they bloom all summer and can reach up to 4 + feet tall, they do reseed and come up each year}
**Giant California Zinnia* these are my favorite of the zinnias!! Mine grew 5 feet tall against a fence and bloomed all summer and produced large flowers that i cut and put in vases!! super easy they do best with a liquid fertilizer {we use compost tea"} $.99 pkg asst colors mix
Ok now for some yummy early sugar snap peas!! these do wonderful and vine so nice on old fencing they take anywhere from 55-65 days to produce but once they start, and as long as you pick they keep producing til it gets hot outside. I started some in my greenhouse today.
$.99 pkg each Sugar Ann, Oregon Giant Snap, Super Sweet Sugar Snap. 30+seeds {they are about the size of a piece of corn}
That is what came today more are on their way!!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Well just wanted to say HEY to everyone and hope yall had a great start of a brand new week!! I had to work [dangit} so just got home and ready to head out and do chores. Can u believe it was only 6 degrees out this am!! and believe me it was COLD!! Now it is sunny and only 20 outside. I am sure hoping our spring is soon coming!!! CANT WAIT!!
I will take some pics of the seeds i am putting up on my etsy and here for spring plantin, just have to pkg them and print some labels. Oh spring is such a glorious time of the year, I just love to go outside when the trees have all their leaves opening and the grass is alive and green!! It is like opening your eyes and seeing the beauty for the first time!! OK enough spring talk!!LOL it is coming that is all i have to think about!!
OK well along with our bake shoppe i am goin to be offering my organic dog treat bakery items!! and will get some baked up this week. My boys are out and I am really gettin the evil eye when i give em a milk bone!! I made some different kinds for market last year and we called them "3 B'S Bites" for my 3 boys, Buster, Bubba and Barney!! LOL I get evil eyes from my "girls" and now most recently I do strongly believe the geese and ducks are planning something really not too nice for me!!! Their pond and pool is still froze and there is no way I am running the garden hoses way out to them to fill another pool!! One of the geese this am, when i filled their 2 water buckets jumped right on in and was stuck on top!! now these are the round rubber, not deep feed buckets keep in mind, and i was running late for work so was out there in my light grey uniform trying so hard NOT to get dirty while i had to lift this dang goose out of the bucket and she was just flapping those big wings getting me wet and oh my hair was a sight when i finally got done and back in my truck!! I had to pull it back in a pony tail as it just looked a down right mess down. GEEZEEEEEEEEE the things i do for my animals!!! LOL you know i love em all huh!! LOL
Ok well yall have a super night, I am off tomorrow so I am planning on laundry and making a very nice supper for my dear sweet hubby and then it is all about ME ME ME!!! did I say ALL ABOUT ME!! and creativity!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Altered sunday here

Happy happy march!! Gosh this year is just flyin by but one great thing is SPRING is right around the corner!! YEAH!~!! and ya know what my mom and I have our birthdays this month too!!! YEPPER still 30 something here!! and holding for quite awhile too!!LOL
I got up extra early for ME ME ME quality creating time this am!! LOL never enough creative time for me lately. Another captured fairy here in a shadow box. This one says "spread your wings and let the fairy in you fly" with the word imagine stamped on outside of light blue frame. A bit of shimmer mist is added along with blue and green ribbons to hang this on your wall or near a door to welcome guests.
This frame was bright gold so the prim gal in me sanded and aged it along with antiquing gel and ink. I added a great vintage girl pic with pink wings along with some pretty pastel and white flowers and stmaped chalk flourishes all ontop of vintage old sheet music.
This is my favorite creation from this am!! A little blue bird is sitting on a nest ontop of old sheet music paper. The verse is perfect for him, I stamped and colored some dragon fly's around bird and added a silver gem for his eye. PERFECT for spring decorating!!
This is an altered pin I made. The base is very lighweight foam core board with metallic silver metal paint. Several coats of diamond glaze later this is ready to wear.

So yesterday I met my inlaws and sil and bil for breakfast it was fun!! hubby likes to sleep in on his days off which only are sat and sun so he decided to stay in bed. Well i left an hour and 1/2 early to run into store and get the usuals and also had time to go into a wonderful Michaels store. Have yall been there lately?? What glorious spring things!! And their dollar aisle is magnifiscent!!! I bought some cool silver metal little pails for the shop to make some springy boquets in, some dollar chipboard buttons for scrappin, some cool spring flowers, some great pattered paper sets and some journal books to alter. All for $1.00 - $2.00!! great finds yall, if ya get a chance chick em out!!! LOL
Well off to finish up a couple of pages and challenges for march!!