Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Captured Fairy Bottles

Here are some pics of my newly created ALTERED CAPTURED FAIRIE BOTTLES!! LOVE THEM!!
This is the back side which has the verse "May all your wishes come true" added along with some glittery fairy stardust!! On the front is celebrate life stamped on green cardstock.

I used some vintage girl photos I had purchased, altered them with butterfly wings and crowns and added some moss and our own dried sweet annie sprigs and words to some purchased glass bottles!! These are the mini ones and they are darling!!

This is my FLOWER FAIRIE!! She has the verse "May all your weeds be wildflowers" attached to the back of bottle.

FUN FUN FUN!! Altering and paper are my favo things!~~LOL also came home a bit ago after goin and picking my mom up at hospital~~ she was discharged~~ YEAH~~ wasnt the same round here without her~~ glad she is back home where she belongs!!!with all of us!! They said it will be a few months of slow healing but at least the worst is behind her hope and pray and it she is on the road to recovery and being back to herself again!~~ THANKS to everyone and to our GOOD LORD ABOVE~~ I have to add everyone and I mean everyone~~ all the staff at HOLLAND COMMUNITY HOSPITAL~~they are just the best around!!! I have never met a more dedicated, caring, nice bunch of people~And to all my blogging online friends!! IT is amazing to be such good friends with folks you have never actually met in person!! from all over this world!! LOVE AND CHERISH YALL~~

Ok well it is back to work tomorrow for me!~DARN~~ was enjoying being at the flower shop and being able to create something!! IT is a great sense of pride for me and a great stress reliever too~~ so hopefully will be back with more creative goodies for yall to veiw! Have a blessed evening and will keep yall in my prayers~




Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

The bottles are really beautiful..m.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I love those bottles! The shape is just wonderful and looks old-fashioned and is perfect for holding the fairies!!! The moss and sweet annie gives the fairies a soft bed!