Thursday, February 26, 2009

More handmades

At it again!! Using found objects to make fun and funky jewelry that is!!! LOL found these cool glass bubbles at a local discount store and thought hmmmmmmmmmmmmm to creative side!! So with that I added some cool photos of angels and fairies, some mini word stamps and a bit of soldering and VOILA!! a cool altered pendant!!
SORRY the pics are not that clear, it is hard to get em good with the glare from the glass. I did use all the right settings on this digi I think??LOL

Love this little gal!! THESE are all on my etsy site too!! $7.95 plus a mere .90 cents for USA traveleing expenses and one can be all yours!! I did not include a neckace to these, that way you could use whatever you would like. Black satin ribbon looks fabo!!

OK this framed collage is a gift for my step-daughter BRANDI her bday is sunday and she will be the special 16~~~she is a fun loving funky lovin kind of young lady and loves purple. WELL this is special because there is a story behind the elephant in this collage. Did u see an elephant when u looked at it??

LOL for the most part you can make him out!! When she was a little kid she would come to our house and would never and i mean NEVER be without her blankie!!! she carried this thing around until it was so ragged and worn we had to get rid of it. Believe me it couldnt be fixed or mended anymore!! that poor kid would literally ball when she couldnt find it and would or could not sleep without holding onto it. Well I do remember one day we bought her the cutest, softest stuffed dog to replace the poor blankie. It did take some convincing and we did have to hide what was left of mr. blankie but i managed to save a few vital pieces, in hopes of one day givin it to her as a remembrance. SOOOOOOOOOOOO here is one of the bigger pieces I had hidden away in a drawer. Gosh that was in that drawer for 12-13 years now. LOL see i dont throw anything away huh!! So I put him on this collage along with a few purple flowers and her beautiful picture from this winter. She is absolutely a gorgeous kid!! I loved these funky chipboard black and white letters and attached them to the outside of the glass and a matching little heart. We are giving it to her this weekend at her party. HOPE she likes it!~! I sure do!!
Well off to get more done, it is almost 43 degrees outside and it feels like spring!! YEAH!~cant wait!~! so have a wonderful day and will chat more later!!

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