Sunday, February 1, 2009

Scrappy Sunday!! FEB!

Here is MR. BOOPIE WOOPIE BOO with his girlfriend HEIDI!! Arent they just too cute together?? My baby!!


AFTER FRAME~~This is an altered wood sign to hold a photo of that sweet girl!! I love pink and brown together and the touch of blue is super on it!! I added some flourishes (cut on my new machine) a double silver heart charm and some frou frouy fibers to make this a one of a kind frame

OH MY GOSH IT IS FEB ALREADY! where the heck did JAN GO??? GEE!! time is just a flyin and I feel like I am standing still sometimes!! OK so got up really early this am and made a few new things. I had to! I bought a circle cutter at hobby lobby last night and could not wait to play. TOO fun! plus they had a paper sale soooooooooo as i walked down that aisle I was like on a madness shopping spree grabbin each and every new paper out there!!! LOL {u can see me doin this i know}
Now listen why, hubby was with and I only had a few min to get my act together so i really didnt have time to sort and be picky, he ran to the bathroom which gave me a couple more minutes to shop. I Love him dearly but he just doesnt understand a paper addict has to have more paper and yepper u guessed it EVEN MORE PAPER in her studio!!!! My inlaws took us out to dinner to Applebees last night for my hubby's bday so hl is right down the street from there. IT was just fine by me to go there!!
I have not had any incidents goin on lately thank goodness! Now that he has showed me how to use the microphone on my cell phone i can record a message to self (so no more lost truck) i just make a quick note on there what aisle i parked in and about how far down and HEHEEHEHE!!! alot less time and confusion at the grocery store for me!! ARENT you impressed! I just told him NO i dont need to do that i remember where i parked??? looking at him calmly and securely as i say this of cource! SO SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH he doesnt need to know everyting~ RIGHT~~

Here are some of my new altered collage pendants! All i have left to do is solder around each one and add a jump ring and DONE!! The bakery princess if for me LOL I thought the saying was super on back, "she wants to make her cake and EAT IT TOO!" me isnt it!!

I just adore these and will list them on my esty and here later!! If you would like a special one made for you I can and will do that just email me!!! the are $9.99 plus traveling expenses for the pendant w/o chain and have lead free solder so they are safe to wear. and you could be a princess or queen too!!

Here are a couple of new cards too!!

Ok so now i have to get off this puter hubby and I have got to get up on our roof to get some of the snow and ice off or we are goin to have a pond i am afraid if it starts melting. I hope yall HAVE A HAPPY SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!!
GOOD LUCK TO BOTH TEAMS!! they earned being there!!
Talk to ya soon!!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I don't know how ye do it, prolly 'cause yer so young, but you have more energy than 100 Boston Terrier puppies put together! You can put things together so quickly & be ready for more! Just love yer work, those pendants are darling, too.

Theresa said...

Hi.. love that altered wood frame.. really cute.. and I'm with you on the paper addiction.. when HL has a sale.. watch out.. =)

peata said...

sweet projects.
love the frame.

making mini albums