Saturday, February 21, 2009


I posted this when I first started my farm blog but wanted to share him again. THIS IS RED FRED!! he had a rough start to life being a mean, top dog of the coop at a friends house, so she gave him to another friend of mine where he acted up quite a bit too!! HE would stalk her and was terriblely aggressive so instead of the stew pot for him we took him. I AM A SOFTIE for any animal in need and hubby and I thought he was too pretty to cook!! SOOOOOOOO RED FRED came to our farm, well he was a pistol!! yepper he would run out from behind something and chase me or he would attack with his massive spurs. Both my mom and I would have welts on the backs of our legs from him until we both started carrying the pitch fork with us or a big stick, when he would attack he would get pushed away from us, which only helped for a min then he would wait for us to walk away and you could here >>>>>>>>>>>feet running behind you and turn quick to find him aiming at your legs!! I swear when he stalked he was good too if you turned to look behind you sometimes he would stop right there and look around casually as if he didnt even know you were there and then as soon as you would turn around to walk away HERE HE COMES!! LOL CRAZY!! he is one crazy rooster~~ FOR the last couple of years however he is more like one of the dogs, i would call him OH RED FRED COME HERE RED FRED and he would come running to be near me!!! when i work in the gardens he would be really close by and do his dirt bath and lay there watching me, I pick him up and carry him around the farm AND some of my customers ask about him!! several even had their pics taken holding him!! so he is quite something here. We sat and figured out the other night he has got to be 12 years old now or dang close to it but still is my beautiful RED FRED~~

WOW it is the weekend!!! I havent had a day off in so long now that I can just play all day in my pjs if I want!!! LOL right!! still have chores to take care of but that is ok!! I am just happy not to have to go anywhere or be on a clock today!!! YEE HAW!!!

So are yall wondering how I am goin to spend my day??? WELLLLLLLLLL I am getting all my giveaway prizes off in the mail since I got everyone's addys and then work on a couple of new jewelry pieces that I have been thinkin about all week, make a nice supper (hubby hasn't had too much of suppers the last couple of weeks with everything goin on round here) I have to work on a couple of labels for some treats I made that will be on the menus for market this season, and alot of catchup work on puter!! This is the first time in awhile the computer is on and I am not on a strict time limit!!LOL YEAH!!

So we got more snow the other night and now they are saying today there is a storm coming thru along the lake again. ALRIGHT!! I know what yall are thinkin.........isnt this the gal that was just singin LOUDLY SINGING let it snow let it snow let it snow and doin the happy snow dance all around!!!??????yepper that was me~~BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTT Now that we got a taste of spring in the air 2 weeks ago and all our snow melted it was a nice feeling!! so what I am saying is I AM GETTIN SICK OF SNOW (just for this winter of cource) LOL and am wanting to get out in the greenhouse and plant~~~it isnt a heated one so unfortunately I am stuck waiting for that for a while yet. LOL

Since I dont have any new pics to post of any new creations I will post my boys!! I love these pics, it was in feb of 08 when we brought our little Barney home. He always is laying with his big brother Buster. Bubba usually is in his waterbed but does play quite abit with his baby brother. In the pic he almost looks like if he could talk he is asking what is this squirt that looks like me doing on my couch?? LOL oh LOVE my boys~
Hope yall have a wonderful weekend I am off to check a few things and then do chores and in my studio of me!!!
Talk to ya soon!!

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