Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Sunday~~

HELLO everyone~~ wow kind of glad the valentines day is over!! Well love seeing all our customers but now it's time to get busy and make things for my spring show in march!! SO busy creating the next few days!! YEAH YIPPEE YEE HAW!! got a few new ideas flying around in my little creative head!!! LOL always something i swear!! HEHEHE ok will that said I just have to share this video that someone posted on a super duper wonderful primitive forum I am a proud member of~~ delphi forums primitive and rustic decorating 2~~ IT is the best and such a caring community glad to be a part of it~~
Here is an awesome Budweiser commercial made in 2006 (first time i seen it) but from what i read it cost them 2 million to make and it only aired one time~~ It was made after 9/11 and really touches your heart!!! I had tears wellin up in my eyes after seeing it~but love all their commercials with those truly amazing gorgeous clydesdale horses~ so her it is take a peek ir really is beautiful~
So have a blessed day I am off to get ready to head on over to take Buster to see my mom in the hospital!!


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