Sunday, February 22, 2009

More captured fairies

Here are some freshly made goodies to add to my sweet shoppe!! The carmels come in 6 oz containers and are individually wrapped, made fresh shipped fresh!!
Handmade from scratch wrapped carmels!! SUPER soft, chewy and BUTTERY!! made with all quality ingredients. $5.00 each plus travel expenses

These arent hershey kisses!! These are specially made from scratch and there is a Chocolate dipped espresso beans hidden in each chocolate kiss! pkg contains 12 of these tasty morsels and is $3.00 plus travel expenses.

AND THESE ARE THE BEST!!! Our homemade Turtles, pecans are the base then topped with homemade carmel and a mound of milk chocolate on top. SUPER YUMMY!! I love these!! $1.50 each (individually wrapped) plus travel expenses.2 in across and nice and thick.

CARMELS in paper containers. These are goin in my etsy sweet shoppe too but you can order from here!!

LOL HEY YALL~~ It was a great fun filled sunday working in my craft studio~! And yepper we sure got alot of snow overnight and it is still snowing****

This is my pendant :bakery princess: but i did make a few to sell now. On the back it says "she wants to make her cake and eat it too!!" LOL yep that is soooooooo me!~!

This started out as a store bought framed mini pic filled with silk flowers and ribbon, so i took it apart!!! painted, sanded, and lightly antiqued the frame it is soft pink color now, added a layered paper flower and stamped the word cherish on the bottom. In the inside I added a captured fairy some decorative patterned papers, the definition of the word cherish a couple of pastely pink flowers and moss for the fairy to stand in. I think this turned out so cool it hangs from pink ribbons. This will go in my etsy shoppe today.

This is one of my collaged microscope soldered pendant necklaces. This one is Fashion Diva and the back has patterned papers the the saying "Always ready to strike a pose"
OK off to add these goods to my etsy shoppes!! DONT FORGET you can always order directly from my blog here!! I accept paypal and money orders.
Enjoy your afternoon and will be back tomorrow!!

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Those candies are about to make me faint! They look so good! Don't you think they'd be perfect in an Easter basket? Or for a Sunday dinner dessert plate?

Yes, those candies look divine. And so do yer latest scrappin' creations!