Thursday, January 22, 2009

Challenge for yall!!

Ok here is a challenge out for all my bloggin friends!! A couple of dear friends and I have decided to go for it and open a store!! YEAH!! been waiting longgggggggggg time for this!! So here is my challenge for you!! and ps there is a prize to be won here too!! a super duper goodie basket.
here is what we will be offering mostly: our main goal is to offer high end handmades and things you wont see anywhere else with a rustic,primitive vintage feel!! make sense.
handmade all natural gourmet chocolates, and chocolate dipped specialties
homemade from scratch baked goods and treats
unique handmade pet goodies including some adorable handmade dog/cat clay magnets, organic dog treats, pet memory books etc
all natural goats milk soaps and body lotions
scrapbook supplies and scrappy handmades
primitive handmades, vintage one of a kind handmades and altered jewelry pieces
just to name a few!! LOL
So leave me a name you would feel would be catchy and clever for us and we will pick one. If your name is the one chosen or is part of what we choose you WIN!! and it will be a very nice basket of goodies!! you wont be disappointed!! SO get those thinkin caps on everyone!!
and dont forget there is still time to be included in my 3 handmade card giveaway!! just leave me a comment!! anyone that leaves a store name will also be entered!!
so far we thought maybe something with the word
"expressions" or "nostalgic"?? maybe but not set on that yet.


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Oh me dear, I am so glad I get to throw out some suggestions first!

Just thinking aloud here, dearie:

Primful Mercantile
Primsy Olde Time Shoppe
Fresh Baked Primitives & More
Scrappy Prims & Treats
The Rusty Kettle
Tisket Tasket Scrapping and Prims
Piccadilly Prims and Dainties
Spoon, Needle, Churn and Brush
The Wooden Spoon

Anam said...

What's wrong with Chicken Scratch Farm? I think it's very clever snd unique.

Mama Kelly said...

Kitsch and Cauldron

Butterchurn Crafts

The Whimsical Goblin said...

Here is a name or too...

Primitive Whimsy (Shop or Shoppe)

ok, just got one, sorry

Mary's Madness said...

What about Nostalgic Expressions?

Is it going to be a brick and mortar store?

Mandy said...

Ooh so cool! Here are a couple names I came up with.

Oodles of Goodness Shoppe. Maybe have the main goodnesses Tscrap products,choclates etc)underneath the Store name on your sign.

Creative Flair

Creative Expressions

A Little of This and a Whole Lotta That.

The whole Shabang

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

A few more for ye dearie...

Nostalgic Expressions
Expressions of Olde
Those Nostalgic Days
Primitive Expressions & More
Whimsical Expressions
Long-Ago Expressions
By Lantern's Light
Nostaligic Scrappy Days
Scrimp, Cook, & Scrap
Heartfelt Expressions of Old

Old Glory Soldiers said...

Based on your town's history how about:

The Silver Goose

and you could have a slogan something like

Fine Expressions and Nostalgic Wares

... you can even tie in the year 1871 for the year Fennville was established ...

and of course the Goose for the Goose Festival ... and Silver lends to the feel of high end but still can be rustic and primitive ...

Katarina said...

How about:

out of this world (to highlight that you can't get these things anywhere else)

heaven sent (or scent if you will include scented stuff)

times gone by

stopping time


I like the idea with a name with "time" in it. Like if you taste the chocolates it's so good time stops, or if you get a Vintage thing it's from times gone by etc.

Good luck with choosing a name.