Thursday, January 1, 2009


Ok here is my baby he is one year old today!!! I made him his little party hat and as you can see he just isnt too thrilled with it.. His brothers Buster and Bubba wanted to try it on too!! They are so much more patient and sit for me so nice!!! LOL Website Counter

OH i LOVE my boys!! (like u cant tell that) I got the party hat idea from a great new years one on pink paislee!! click on my button below and you can view them there!!

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Your boys are beyond adorable. How I love their little faces! You are too cute with the hat idea!

Kissies to Bubba, Barney and Buster! Hope they get that piggie playmate soon!!!

Theresa said...

Hi.. wandered over from ACOT. Your fur babies are so cute. love the hat. I saw that challenge over at the PP site. great job on it.

peata said...

oh so cute. dig that hat.

Joy said...

How about that Boston birthday boy! I have two Bostons. They are the sweetest things. :o)