Sunday, January 25, 2009


HEY YALL~!! just wanted to say good mornin and hope your day is filled with sunshines and giggles!! I have to work so watch on monday for new things i have been finishing up. Went to Hobby Lobby which is one of my fav stores LOL, and bought some new dies for my new Accucut machine so will be playin around with that tonight~YEAH~!~
So with that said have a wonderful day and will talk to yall tomorrow!!!
REMEMBER""" my challenge for naming our new store is still goin on!!! KEEP those names comin and a BIG THANK YOU for all i have recived thus far!!!! some great ones too!!!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Halloo -- hope ye aren't working too hard! How is yer mom feeling lately?

I have a problem...sending you a tiny RAK -- not a surprise, now!!! -- can't read yer return addy from the envelope ye sent me my darling prizes in...the 120 part has 2 squiggles after it "th" or "44" or just one squiggle an "N"??? LOL

craftychick said...

HELLO!! My mom is doing better just one day at a time Thanks for asking!! Oh how stinkin sweet of you, my addy is 6966 120th AVE.
THANKS so much!! Off to chick on your blog havent been there lately.
have a great monday dear!!