Saturday, January 17, 2009


This is coming in one side of our driveway and around by the garage.

I love how the snow just brightens up the whole world!! It gets so dark at night that the snow just makes a huge difference!! SO PRETTY!!

Oh this pic is my backround now!! I LOVE the snow clingin to the branches!!

This is a roadside park just a couple of min from our house.

I dont want to even go down closer to the bergs it is too stinkin windy and cold on the beach!!

HELLO AGAIN~~~ Sorry it has been so long since i have written!! Between my mom still in hospital and work, this week has been NUTS~~and all the snow we got!! and we got lots!! YEAH!! YIPPEE!! STILL lovin it! it is really starting to come down hard now!! I thought i heard maybe another 4-7inches along the lakeshore today. The only bad part is is that we have had it down to -3 degrees and it is only 13 right now but somewhat windy. My dad and poor hubby have been plowing in the mornin and evening like everyone else round here. So my mom got to come home late last night, glad she is back home and hopefully being there almost a week she wont be goin back again!! Fingers crossed!!
I am goin to finish up some projects tonight for a couple of scrappin challenges so will post them as soon as i can, I did manage to get a couple of things started for some charm necklaces and another new bracelet idea!! YIPPEE!! I so missed my days off this week to create!! I ran into a local Michaels store today and found lots of paper on sale so of cource now i have to find room in my paper drawers to put new ones!! LOL too addicted to paper!! also i did manage to make some flowers from crepe paper which look pretty cool!! so will finish things up and post pics for yall!! HAVE a WARM and great night!!!

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I had been wondering about you, dearie, what with your mom ill and all that horrible weather!!! So glad to hear your mom is home and hopefully she will be on the mend now and whatever was wrong will have righted itself. I know ye love the snow but honey, stay warm, be careful!!!

It's 70 here today and we are running around with jackets, such ninnies and cowards about the excuse is that I was raised in the subtropics and I do declare, it affects your thermostat forever!!!

Can't wait to see what you make with that new paper you got!!!!