Monday, January 5, 2009



BaRnEy aka .... mr. boopie woopie boo!!

Well I did it!! 09 is goin to be all about creativity and challenging myself to experience new things!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO>>>>>>>>>>....

I submitted a couple of my scrappy layouts to a magazine call this am!!! I am excited to see what comes of it!!! Did a 12 x 12 and an 8 x 5 layout of .............. do you really have to ask who>???? BARNEY our puppy!! LOL did one of his first year and then one of his first birthday!! As soon as this is over I can post pics here i think have to go back and read the guidelines as from what i hear the maz companies dont want them posted for public viewing. Which i understand so you will have to wait to see him!! SORRY!! Ok though here are pics i promised of one of my coffee filter altered books!! Website Counter
(a couple of inside pages)

This is the back. This book is all bout friendship and friends!! Lots of journaling spots and photo spots and also hidden tags in every page!! the edges are open on ea page so you can tuck little notes, secrets or photos in them.

I use lots of ribbons, tags, brads, stamps, stickers, layer papers, decor edges, flowers, and a few altered items. Ex: a coin holder holds a tag!! Also i still have to tie all the pretty colorful fibers and ribbons on the book ring too!! so really it isnt finished yet!! If you would like a book like this email me as i do special requests!!! There are 7 inside pages done on both sides and the inside of covers also are done up!! Each book like this one is $22.95 plus their travel expenses to their new homes!!

Free Counter
here is a special order I made for set of twin babies!!
I am also working on making up a few kits of these book that you put together yourself.
Have a wonderfully creative day!!!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I think your kit idea is wonderful, especially for olde gals like me who want to try it but just have no clue! I thought the coffee filters were used to make puffy flowers, like tissue paper flowers, to glue on books, so I am very tickled and surprised to see how they are actually made INTO a BOOK!!! How very clever!

Your work is just great, your sense of color is divine and I wish I had it!!!

Best of luck on your magazine layout entries, if they have sense you will be chosen!!!

Jules said...

Looks absolutely darling!

Michelle said...

Wow, these are beautiful. I wish I had that kind of talent. Good luck on the magazine entries, you should be a shoe in.