Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Why is it???

I read something that really got me wondering ???? why???PAC RATS OR WHAT???
Ok if you looked in our fridge right now you might think we have alot of kids or a big family , yes just the 2 of us in house, besides my boys, dogs! We have in there 2 big heads of broccoli (for the boys), a big bag of baby carrots (again for the boys),a big bag of baby spinach (again for the boys but we do eat that too!!), a bag of lettuce blend and then alot of other crap, including an empty YES empty tub of cool whip, a large jar of dill pickles (which by the way was given to hubby and NEITHER one of us eat dill pickles but he wont let me throw it away), 2 unopened bottles of wine (neither of us drink wine!) they were also gifts from friends!, a science experiment in the bottom drawer (NO school kids here and hubby is definetly NOT a scientist! nor does he work in a lab!!!) numerous and i mean numerous 1/2 empty if not more containers of his leftover snack dips from work, (i dont eat that but he doesnt want me to throw them away), 6 bottles of ceasar (yes i counted them too!! dressing (all hubbys) and several mc donalds hot mustard dip containers (he always asks for more than he uses with nuggets but still gets extra) 4 tubs of almost empty sour cream!! and the best part!~~ 3 bottles of heinze ketchup, one full the others almost and i mean pretty much empty!!! OK now#$%#$%&$#@$)*^*^)*)#$#)$) WHY!!! Why cant things get thrown out!! I admit i can be a slob with the fridge and find other MORE important tasks to do than clean out that fridge but when i ask him to at least take care of his containers and empties he acts like they arent his!! WHAT~~????? I am sure the boys dont use this stuff!!! I just dont understand!! and when he gets a new roll of TP out he will leave the empty roll on the cabinet when in actuality the garbage container is right NEXT to the toilet!!! his reasoning there is "he wants me to KNOW he changed the roll" OH MY GOSH!! TOO STINKIN FUNNY!!isnt it!! A dear friend of mine said she doesnt even have a toilet paper holder just a big basket full of tp in bathroom!! LOL<>
One gal called it "HOARDERS SYNDROME" maybe just maybe it is contagious U THINK??? **HELP IS DOCTOR PHIL IN THE HOUSE?? WE NEED HELP>???? well him more than me of cource!!lol, I am goin to make a sign for our house PAC RAT CENTRAL!!!!

Here is another of my designs!! A dog bone scrapbook!! I have one listed for sale on my etsy site. http://chickenscratchprims.etsy.com/ They are all ready for you to add your special furry kids pics! I will take pics of ours so you can see em with the photos.
Ok gotta get to finishing up another new creation i started last night!! so have a wonderful day yall!!!
Hey just so you know I really do do do love my hubby!! we laugh about all the above stuff!! you gottta laugh there is jus too much seriousness in the world!!! and your home should be your santuary, your solitude and your peacefulness!!!!
Talk to ya soon!!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Ooo, too funny about your hubby and the TP roll...

I used to have a problem with a fridge just full of uneaten stuff -- the problem was the fridge! It was too small, so small I could never find anything again once I tucked something in there! Maybe it's the fridge! (But your naughty hubby isn't helping matters!!!)

That dog-bone scrapbook is TOO DOGGONE CUTE!

Robin in Las Vegas said...

My bf has the same problem, except he has a walk in pantry and THREE fridge's and a freezer too. Don't even get me started on the other rooms in the house, lol! BUT, anytime I need something for my altered art, he has it. So thats a perk! Good luck... the bone book looks very cute!

Theresa said...

your story is funny.. it belongs with the 'Honey, i can't find ___'. and you can fill in the blank with anything.. i swear.. i get up and find it within seconds. =) that's why we love our hubbies..

the dog book is adorable.. i scrap my dog alot!! lol..=) she is my baby..

happy wednesday!!