Monday, January 19, 2009


Ok just a little FYI!! Dont forget to leave me a comment as i will be picking someone for my card giveaway very SOON!!!! I am off to work today!! DANGIT!! LOL anyway so no scrappin here but just WAIT TIL TOMORROW!! I have lots to share with yall as I did manage to get a few new things finished up last night and early this am!!

So on that happy little note I hope yall have a merrily happy monday!!!

**THANKS so much for all the prayers and well wishes for my dear mommy!!** she is doing better now!! YEAH!!

~~HUGS~~~ This was my little Barney last night in my craft room with me sleeping on my chair with me!! I love that my boys are all such cuddlers!! >>>>>>..>>>>>>>>love ya baby!!



Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I think Barney may be my favorite of all yer boys. Don't tell the others, though!!! Because he is just beyond precious. Look at that face. It's illegal to be that cute!!!

Hope yer Monday goes quickly and you can get back to scrappin'!!!

Deborah said...

Just found your blog,how cool I will be coming her to read and see all your neat things.Your dog is so cute.I love scraping blogs!!!!!Hugs,Deborah