Sunday, January 18, 2009


HAPPY SUNDAY YALL!!! **YEAH I got some scrapping/creatin time in early this am!!! And it is SNOWIN!! YEAH!! the big fluffy kind of flakes, kind of looks like you are in a snow globe!! SO pretty TOO!! AND they are saying we will have 7 inches by 6 pm tonight!!!
OK now to the creatin part of my am! I finished up some new microscope pendants and did a couple of scrappin pages***

These are the fronts of my pendants if you would like to find out more about them or see backs they will be listed on my etsy site for sale today

This is Ms. Rosie May one of our goats playing around with Buster outside this summer. She loves to get out of the pasture and come and visit when we are outside and also play with Buster.
I thought this was an appropriate title on this page. We hatch our own eggs every spring and summer. The top corner is a pic of a couple week old Crested Polish chickens!!! THEY ARE SO CUTE BUT REALLY scatter brained sometimes !!! LOL {maybe they are blonde???LOL} I am blonde too!!
AND THIS WAS BUBBA THIS SUMMER!! I just finished giving that little stinker a nice bath and as i was walkin up to turn off the hose i turned around to have him right on my heels almost laughing!!! He dropped his head and just plowed thru the sand in our driveway til he was completely covered in dirt!!! SILLY GOOF!!! I like how the muddy paws turned out on the Dirty Dawg banner. LOVE using chalks on my creations!! Ric rac is also a good friend of mine too!!! I am an embellishment kind of country gal!! LOL
OK i am off to put my things on my etsy site for sale.

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

What cute creations. I love ric-rac on anything and everything!

The snow SOUNDS pretty but I think I'll pass...chilly outside now but will almost hit 80 today...!!!

Hee hee...SOMEHOW I just KNEW you were BLONDE...tee hee...