Thursday, January 28, 2010


IT IS 16.2 degrees out side with a -1windchill!! and believe me it sure feels like it too!!! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR and we have several inches of lake effect snow coming quickly today.
I havent done a whole heck of alot this week did work in my studio and did a bit of organizing and playing also.  I love the little paper rosettes/medallions shown above, found this great aged sheet music and Hobby Lobby and then just cut the hearts out and the pink ones have some gathered pink crepe paper blossoms complete with my farmgirl bling, yepper I use glitter!! cant get enough of it sometimes!! LOL

One of the greeting cards I did up for a challenge yesterday.  I love flourishes too and butterflies, and of cource Tim Holtz distressing inks.  There is something about blue and brown or pink and brown that catches my eye!


Buster Brown laying watchin me.  They were just snuggled up yesterday around me!! gosh have I said I love being home with them and also having the puter out in living room!!

Made some homemade tater chips with supper and they were so yummy!! and some sauteed mushrooms for on the burgers we made.  Cant have a burger without mushrooms, mayo and fresh baby spinach leaves!!   YUMMO!!I took apart a micky d's french fry box and made a similar pattern for some treats for valentines day.  Added one of my paper rosettes and a cute gift. huh

Well I printed some pics off of the boys when they were pups and am gonna make a few layouts today for challenges and then wellllllllll just try to keep the fire burning and keep the house warm for my furry kids!! they get cold too!!
Have a wonderful day!!
THANK THANK THANK YOU to all of my visitiors thru owoh this week!! LOVE hearing from all of you and let me say I spent WAYYYYYYYY too much time blog hopping yesterday so hopefully today will get something done!!

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I think you have hit on a real winner with that treat box -- hon you ought to offer that as a downloadable pattern or something -- that is just a wonderful creation!

Love all of the scrappin' stuff you create...

Mr. BWB looks so cute and sleepy in his photo -- gosh, I bet they do get cold!!! Ours are staying off the tile floors and are using their beds now that it's winter...they are so old...poor ol' girls all full of arthritis...their meds cost a fortune but they are family members "just like a people"