Monday, January 11, 2010

Couch taters

Here is Mr. Boopie Woopie Boo snoozin on the couch.
bubba laying on a warm heating pad covered up

Buster with one of his blankies on the couch

Look at that little face!!! TOO CUTE!~~
Oh my boys were just chillin' yesterday on the couch so cute. I covered each one up and they laid like that for hours. One day I will have time to lay down and take a nap with my boys again!!
Well it did snow a bit today but not enough to have to plow again thank goodness. Tomorrow is baking day I have a couple of orders to get shipped out and wanna make more fresh pasta for supper tomorrow. We made the spinach and it was incredible! and oh so easy. I am thinkin maybe of tryin a few other ones too. I so wanna do a tomato basil flavored fettucini noodle. Making me hungry for pasta now!!LOL We are havin homemade cheddar broccoli soup with ham tonight and some homemade bread. Good ol comfort foods!
I did manage to get one of my giveaway OWOH prizes done so as soon as they are both ready I will start posting pics of them. BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR IT TO START!!
Have a blessed night we are gonna eat supper and probably take the snowmobiles out after dinner.



Olde Dame Penniwig said...

OMG Mr. BWB looks hilarious and Bubba just looks like he's in a happy daze...Buster is so cute under his blankie...

Gosh, when people say someone has a DOG'S LIFE...they'd be LUCKY to have THESE dogs' o'luxury...

Pat said...

they are so cute. My Choie has been the same way this past week, its has not been out of the 30 and lows in the 20 or lower. She just wants to sit beside me in my chair.
Did you leave a comment and sign up for the giveaway?

Pat said...

they are so cute. My choie has been cold this week. She hasn't gotten far away from me. Its been colder here than usual. Did you sign up for the giveaway? I added my name for following your blog.