Saturday, January 9, 2010

NO more!!

SNOW!! Actually there not calling for any snow for us for a few days!! YEAH!! kind of happy can u tell?? LOL

Well Kalamazoo market was awesome yesterday!! It took me a bit longer to get there but it was really a gread market day for me!! I love being involved in a winter market, usually I do get a bit down when the outdoor markets end but this is great!! Now gotta find another one maybe? LOL well maybe not!!

This weekend is all bout being home and frankly doing anything? no plans!! YEE HAW!! the boys are happy about that in fact Buster and Barney are laying next to me on the couch and Mr Bubba is in the recliner on the heating pad. (on low for him) so they are content and chilling. I am hoping to get alot of my food labels put on puter and yepper saved on a cd this time!! Hubby got everything back installed on here so I am good to go!! YEAH!!

Off to try to surf around a bit, Blake Shelton on right now "hillbilly bone" love that song, my boys by me, a good cup of espresso and on the puter!! LIFE IS GOOD!!

Have a wonderful weekend yall!! will see u on monday!!




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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Glad the snow has stopped for a bit -- looks like you have plenty enough to last for QUITE awhile!

I love the feeling when my kitties and doggies are all around me and safe and warm and snoozing!!!