Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm Back~~

WHEW!! first of all I would like to say HAPPY 2010 to all my friends on here!! I have missed posting1! After Christmas our computer went nutso! We lost everything, what a sickening feeling I tell ya!! I have to redo all my saved ingredient labels, my newsletter address book, we lost all files!~ What a mess! my poor hubby has dilegently been working since to try to fix things and re download everything. I am thankful he did back up alot of our "boys' pics but we havent done it since this early fall so all the newest ones are gone, lost in cyperdom somewhere. PLEASE take the time to save things on disk!! I am now gonna make time to do this every week!! I hope yall had a great start into our new year, cant believe it is 2010 at all~~ time sure flies dont it!

This friday is also the KALAMAZOO FARMERS MARKET at BRONSON HOSPITAL from 10-2~~ stop on by for some yummy treats.

I havent been workin on too much the last week, as we have been havin lots of snow and more coming!! and u know we havent had time to even take the snowmobiles out yet! I know it is perfect snow for it maybe tonight. I did work on a couple of new cookie recipes and also had a few cake orders last week, will post those pics when the camera program is back on puter. So I am off today to make a few orders and some blueberry jalapeno jelly and maybe try a new cookie recipe. ***Have *a *wonderful *snowy* day**~~


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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

We are having some "northern-style" weather down here, and it makes it very hard to get anything done, I can tell you that!!! The fog and cold are miserable, but thankfully no white stuff...

Sorry to hear about the computer gettin' crazy on you and you losing files...I back up to an external hard you will have to get the boys to pose for you more to make up for the lost will like that if plenty of treats are involved!!!