Friday, January 29, 2010

Buster's baby scrap page

I did up a page for my little then Buster.  I used mostly Paper Studio products here.  I love their dog stamps!! The dog face and paws have been stamped on cardstock then I added pop dots to the backs for dimension.  Buster's baby pic is backed with black cardstock to stand out a bit more.  I also cut out a dog bone and added his name in letters cut from my accucut die machine. 
Everything has been edged with my primitive touches!! TIM HOLTZ distressing inks.  
The journaling says :  You had my heart the moment I saw you.  Your daddy brought you home bundled inside his jacket.  It was love at first sight!  He was such an adorable puppy, but all puppies are adorable!!  Now my little boy is 95 pounds of pure love and happiness!!  Buster,  along with my other boys are the light of our lives!!    I just gazed at the outdoor thermometer and it is up to 10~~A whooping 10 degrees now!! it is actually suppossed to get down to 0 tonight!! {PLEASE be sure to keep all the furry kids warm in this extreme weather their little piggies will get frostbite!!}  I put in extra heat lamps the other day out in the chickie coop for the girls so they will be just fine just downright MAD for not being able to run free right now but oh well they are safe inside!  I just know they are busily planning and scheming against me!!  CHICKEN REVENGE!! look out!! LOL  
I am off to the feed mill and then maybe to bake some new cookies and well just try to keep the wood furnace goin in this weather!!  one good thing it is not windy today yet anyway.


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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

The first nice day, I bet the hens are going to try to surround you and give you a big PECK for keepin' 'em inside...they don't know how dangerous the cold is!!!

Those temps of yours there, I could not take. It's bad enough here, it was 21, very cold for us...I do not like the cold...

Buster sure is a darling. He looks like he is a yellow lab?