Friday, January 15, 2010

My new site

DREAM altered bingo chip bracelet. Love those blue glass beads.

I have decided to divide my blogs up now. On my new one called THE ALTERED CHICK I will have for sale things there only, keeping up this blog with our adventures and love for creating is important to me so please dont think I am leaving this blog!! NO WAY!!

I did finish this charm bracelet. Love doin these!

This was an altered ornament I made for the christmas shows. Recycled bingo chips covered with paper and stamped letters to spell JOY. I stamped some swirls on the wood square with white paint, then added a vintage pic and some paper behind it.
Today is all about creating, will be working on a couple of new ideas and also finishing up some 1/2 dones. Which i have plenty of them in my studio!! too many!! And it is suppossed to be in the upper 30s outside again and really the 7 day forcast is looking pretty good!! no real chance of snow and in the 30s all next week! I have markets next week so will try out some new things, especially pasta!! the spinach pasta we made last week was awesome! Let me tell yall if you havent had fresh pasta OH ARE YALL IN FOR A TREAT!! try it!! we did spinach and it was so incredible, it only has to cook for 2-3 min and when done we just topped it with butter (of cource) grated parmesean cheese and some salt and pepper. It outshines dry ol pasta that you buy in the stores!! I wont go back NO way NO how!! LOL it is fresh for me!! I may try some just to have a longer shelf life so we can enjoy more of it. Maybe will try some stuffed ravioli too?? sounds good.
Off to do chores and create!!

Hope yall have a blesssed day!!

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Girl, double-check that link -- I can't get to the new bloggie!!!

I love those bracelets you made -- sheer genious with those bingo chips.