Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bronson Market Kalamazoo MI

A buttermilk bundt cake filled with red raspberries and blueberries we froze from 09 season. And no bundt would be complete without my "farmgirl bling" LOL

Red Raspberry or Blueberries fill these lemon buttermilk cakes (the berries were from our farm last season)

I had alot of batter so made these lemon buttermilk muffins filled with berries. Notice the "farmgirl Bling" LOL

More of my peanut peanut butter cream filled whoopie pies!! I made 5 batches of these yesterday one just for my hubby! he loves these without the cream filling too.
I had a busy day at the kitchen yesterday also made up a few kinds of cookie dough to bake off today. today on the schedule I must get done my glazed pistachio bread, cheddar pepper bread loaves, and Fresh Spinach Pasta!! Pasta has been a big hit at the last markets so am going to keep making that regularly!! I am thinkin though of investing in a maker that will go on my kitchen aide mixer then I could do asst shapes not just the spaghetti or fettucini even though those are great!!
Have you ever had fresh pasta?? Gosh it is delic!!! I cant believe the difference now to get hubby to try it. We would probably eat alot more but we are just not big fans of dried tasteless noodles!! BUTTTTTTTT now we have flavor and a wonderful texture in fresh. And we both love spinach so I will be putting more of in this year just for our pasta!!

Friday is Market at BRONSON HOSPITAL in KALAMAZOO MI! 10.30-2.00 stop on by for some great foodies and winter produce and more!!

I will be in Allegan at the market parking lot tomorrow with some new goodies for yall!
Have a joyous day and will chat more later!! Dont forget OWOH will be starting soon!! be on the lookout for my great giveaways!!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I had a friend who was actually from Italy, and she made her noodles fresh, too, and there was NO COMPARISON between them and the dried ones...the dried you can't even eat once you've had the fresh...she had a funny little piece of a broom handle and she would use that to somehow spin the dough and then cut it into strips...

Small House said...

OH MY WORD....Delicious. I'd love to taste the peanut butter cookies....YUM!

pinkglitterfae said...

oh my goodness, your treats look divine! I checked out your Etsy shop, and wish I lived in the US! I would so be ordering from you. Love my treats, lol
Your pups are cute too :-)