Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Hey yall!!
Well it is still snowing!! sure is pretty out there but the roads are nasty and slushy, we did have some freezin rain yesterday and then back to snow. I am waiting for my wonderful hubby to have some time to install our camera program so cant post any pics yet but hopefully soon. He had to fix brakes on our plow truck then an axel busted so he has had to work on that every night after work. Cant be in this beautiful state without a plow!
Well tomorrow I will be in Allegan with some homemade goodies then in BRONSON HOSPITALS WINTER MARKET on FRIDAY from 10.30-2. KALAMAZOO MI. Stop on by if yall are in the area.
Everyone here is doing well the chickens are ANGRY!! they have had to be in the coop for several days now due to the cold and all the snow and they are all mad!! There is alot of commotion when I do morning chores I just bet they are clucking a plan with each other to get me one of these days!! Last winter we did have a hen that froze her poor little feet by standing out in the snow all day and I am not about to let that happen to another one!!
The "boys" are in winter hybernation mode and pretty much are layin around being lazy each day, one of these days I want to join them and even maybe take a nap in the afternoon! Oh that would be something great!! and they would love it too!! They all get crazy when mommy and daddy go to bed at the same time they love that. LOL it's the simple things that make us all happy isnt it.

Hope yall have a great day and stay warm***and be safe on the roads**


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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Watch out in all that snow! I can hardly imagine it...when I lived in Maryland for 2 years there was snow galore but nothing like what you get.

Those poor hens...but they must be kept safe...they do not have the instinct to keep their feet out of the snow...